Size 10 speaks out concerning her marriage


Hio yote ilikuwa ni acting. They want to be like the Kardashians of California.

But if you want to be like the Kardashians or at least Diamond pratinums after you create the drama you must ride that dragon to the end. Wangepelekana hadi divorce hadi president wa nchi aingilie kati. That is how you make the big money.

Wajuaji, what’s that? The only Mascherano I know is a former Liverpool/Barca player who is from Argentina.

nimeshindwa hii argentinian imeingilia wapi kwa hii skendo

When you cheat and she forgives you…jua ako hapo ju ya pesa yako

blaming the devil in sexcapades yet the fool paraises god when the pastas live extravagantly whilst their congregation lives in abject poverty after being coerced into ‘donating for the pasta’s bungallow’ or else they will end up with satan

Wanajaribu ile stunt ya Cheating ya Jayz, before beyonce released her album which sold over 100 million copies coz of the infidelity hype.

And Stupid bonobo kenyans are following the hype, naskia youtube channel ya hawa Malayas has hit 100k followers already. And the DJ is enjoying the hype juu anapost ujinga mingi pale FB and getting almost 40k likes. Kitambo getting 5k likes was a tall order. Edgar Obare na Xtian Dela can really hype you for sure.

Haendi kokote

Sex sells.

If they are daring enough basi watoe sex tape. Hio ligi huwa inataka watu hawaogopi hata kidogo. You throw all morals to the high winds.

True. They are doing it for the likes and YouTube following.

My take is that all this is acting. Drama for cash

Not acting chief,DJ MO is the prize no choice for size 8.

Finally!!! someone has noticed the grand skim

no body gives a shiet…!she is neither the first nor the last to be cheated on.

From it all, she’s a problem and nothing can change that fact… So she can quit all she wants or stay all she wants but kwanza arekebishe mienendo take…


@Chifumbwa punguza kujaza server na umeffi

Kama ilikua acting that was way overboard, to many people, they will have a different perception about you.