Siwezi lipa more than 150

Disgusting when naked

They are nice for a day or two. But seriously, BMI is not a personal opinion. It’s a reality of life. Shida ni hawa enablers wanawaambia they are fine.

I’m not hating. I used to be fat too. Taking control of your life is a personal decision, so I wont push too hard.

Hao ndo wale unaamka asubuhi huko hung down mbaya … ukiangalia kitu ulibeba juu sahio imelala face down … boychild unashika kichwa … unashangaa jesus holy fuck when did I cross that line.

At the end of the day hizi zote ni personal opinion (I disagree, but sawa). If someone feels they are fine, and kina uwesmake tell them they are fine. Who are we to judge? Personally, I can’t feel fine beyond my healthy BMI. But everyone is free to choose their path.

Huyo amevaa orange Kitambi yake ni kubwa kuliko matako

Hio iko left is good for elders. Mifupa nilacha kula 2000.

They are both pretty. And they look like wonderful women. Both of them.

Nyinyi enablers ndio shida. She is obviously not at a healthy weight. Doesn’t need a dotor or nutrionist or whatever profession to see it.

Its perfectly normal. In all humans, male and female, the body changes as you move from 20-30-40-50-60yrs etc. You cant change human biology or dna. You wont be a pimple faced teenager forever but will one day look like your grandpa complete with missing teeth.

nani anavalisha caterpillar nguo?

What is SI unit for body size???

BMI. There’s a healthy range, once you go outside it you need to either gain weight or lose weight.


@LongTime kwani uko na BiPolar?

Wangapi tumesalimiana na hawa?
Hands up

@cortedivoire umesalimiana na mgani apo?

ptho! Hawa wapewe tu Uwesmake akule kama amefunika na ile blanketi yake ya raymond

How many kgs were you?

95 kg