Situation pale mombasani, makupa

Heavy rains pounding the area

Now they ar connected by water hadi mashinani…root to root… to the Oman Empire…Pwani si Kenya. # Jambasi amefanya.

Let it pound ma nugu. Enough clean water for two years. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici


The water borne diseases coming.

Stori ya juzi hii babu…yaani imepitwa na wakati. It was drain blockage which has since been sorted.

How does Joho feel when his CFS is flooded due to poor drainage yet he was a governor for 10 fucking years

Nothing. If you think that a politician cares about you, you need to adopt a new worldview. You are just an ID Number, KRA Pin Number, and a Vote to him. That’s what politicians see when they look at the masses (you and me).

he will feel proud that hakutumia pesa ya umma kunufaisha cfs yake

The issue is poor water disposal. Surely,how can one carelessly throw plastic matter and not expected such clogging to happen?

How many times am I gonna tell you bonobozz that the problem is usually you idiots dropping plastics all over the place eti you pay taxes and somebody else should clean up your shiet?

It’s unsettling to me that the people we vote into leadership are often the worst sociopaths bana. Yet raia lap up whatever they say kama gospel

Exactly…you will hear apologists wakisema eti, "wacha tumpee Nabii two years atabadilisha Uchumi. " the same Nabii appoint his 50 cronies to useless CAS positions. The same Nabii appoints a tax evader at the helm of KRA. You see senior govt officials in motorcades of tens of fuel guzzlers together with chase cars…lakini sisi akina yahe, nabii mwenyewe amesema tuendelee na maombi na tuwe wenye subra! Suluhu ya matatizo yetu ni kesho.

Wueh wueh anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Berlin Oxford @Kennedy Maina hii ni ukweli?

Mmnatakaje? World Bank walipea Njuca Consolidated billions mingi wafanye drainage ya Makupa, kama mlikula io pesa mnataka Arror atoe ingine wapi?
Vumilieni tu

Uyo ni mlafi
Kabla ujenge unampatia entire floor

Alifanya Sheheena Marina to stall forever


ingekaa ivi bana, Nyali ikae na skyline fiti
Sheheena Marina Apartments.jpg

Wah… I have heard this from a couple of sources… How Unfortunate …!

Was expecting construction to resume on the building once his term ended…

I thought Waisilamu hawapendi vya haramu

That’s not the reason for the stall. If waziri wa pojo had demanded a floor, th developer would have rushed to court. Otherwise saa hi wangekuwa wameanza under the current Governor ASN

I currently have jirani single mums waislamu na wako na vituko kwelikweli. Mtu si dini.