Situation kwa ground, pare Mbagathi

Bazungu na baniani banapanga laini na baafrika

KuRONA is still a scam tho

Whats happening?

Folks are getting vaccinated

I suspect you bathe in sanitizer and sleep in PPEs then come here to chest thump that covid issa scam

Sisi tunangoja bei ya jioni. Ata mask zikiingia tulikuwa tunauziwa ata 1300 moja, sahii zinauzwa tatu 20 kama nyanya.

How much is the cost of the vaccine per shot?

@Rubeni went there recently. Not sure if he paid any fees.

I have never bought a mask. Ata sijui zinauzangwa wapi

ata ikuwe bure siezi dungwa hio shit. Hata kama mtu analipwa ndio adungwe i still cunt touch that astrazeneca meffi

:smiley: there couldn’t be a more bigger hoax than this shit

Sisi wa suguta valley tutafikiwa lini.

Niaje bazuu wa AMG, unachukua shot ya vaccine lini?

All the vaccines in the country right now are free and provided by GoK. They are insisting on vaccinating front line workers but the rules are not stringent. If you want to be vaccinated you will be. I claimed to be a teacher but nobody asked me to produce any ID showing I am one.
There are plans in progress for private hospitals to start bringing commercial vaccines.

Wealthy Kenyans set for early Covid-19 jab - Business Daily

@wamanyau vaccine nimekuachia dose yangu. U need it more than i do anyways

It’s a neck-to-neck race between vaccines and variants. God help us all.

Wait till you become sterile and start speaking Chinese

I am 45 years old, have 3 kids with no plans of getting any other.

Sawa…but uta anza kuongea kichina in 2 weeks…anza kufunza watoto mandarin Chinese mapema

Sawa Senior Chief asande