Sitting MP Akifariki Saa Hii Kutafanywa By-election?

Swali tu

Not possible. Wangoje Hadi August

As per the constitution, by election should be conducted within a month. If that’s not done then the next mp elected in a general election cannot be sworn in. The law is very clear.

Sawa Senior “Cancel”

No. There is a minimum number of months before general elections… It requires the Speaker to gazette the vacancy before the by-elections are held…

A costal MP died yesterday and was buried today, itakuwaje

Senior Cancel @kush yule mnono jibu hiyo hapo juu

Mpaka General Erection.

Yes. But the seat has to be gazetted as vacant… Now we are 70 days to the General Elections… It will be interesting to see what happens here

This is what am trying to say. It’s an isolated case whereby a sitting mp dies in office with less than 6 months to the general election. The IEBC is required by law to gazette the vacant seat and hold a by election within a month. The incoming mp will then be sworn in latest, a month to the general election. So it can still be done. @Nananimpa tafasali saidia apa. Leta ile kipengee imebeba hii maneno.

Then another MP will be elected during the general elections? The law is an ass anyway…

Which low?

Mbunge karibu inavunjwa. If a new MPig is elected he won’t even attend this parliament

This are some of the loop holes that BBY was to address … itabidi tu wananichi waumiswe

It had some excellent issues that it was meant to cure but politics superseded everything…

Those are non issues and Raila will aalways be in the opposition

Consider parliament will be dissolved soon, the law with its lacuna.