Site going to the Dogs

As a matter of fact, I avoid the VIP. But you find something in general section, not marked in any way and it’s all porn. And moderators are cheering on with comments like “swafi”. Telling us to avoid sexuality section beats the logic of having both the VIP and sexuality sections. And denies us the right to discuss useful sexuality issues.

Why not create a sister site called KtalkPorn where everything goes? or just declare ktalk a porn site, in which case I will sadly close my account?

In my entire life, I have never seen a pastor walk into a bar and demanded it to be closed. Sounds like something that the alshabaab or boko haram would do. Do not force on people your religious beliefs ( which some of us find laughable BTW,) live and let live. This is not klist. The tables were turned

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ur entitled to your opinion no need to bash the bible

Ata mnaweza tengeneza VIP ya madame na ya ndume. lakini VIP post appearing kwa all threads make the site look pornographic.

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One should be able to hide the explicit posting in the all thread category you should add that feature

Is this site meant to be a ‘bar’ , or in this context a porn site?

Close it you silly fag. We cant be how you want us to be. No one tells you to stop being a Christian why tell us to stop being who we are? Wacheni ushenZ.!

What do you think?

badala ya mods taking criticisim positevely … n see hw to better this site to make it accomodative ofpple who dnt want to see pussies everywhere …they r being defensive

It’s an online forum for people to express themselves while having fun not a Christian website

Aren’t we all??

Sort out the log in your eye before seeking to remove the small rafter in your brothers eyes…

You repeatedly insist on this and yet i have not seen any scripture you have quoted, proper reasoning should be exercised and clouding your argument with emotion is not the best way to convince anybody about your stand for what is right, if you want anybody to “Deal with it” then quote appropriate sections which back up your point, like a proper bible scholar would.You end up ruining the reputation of the book and who it represents because your approach is not good.



Boss nini mbaya, can’t you hold yourself back from talking crap…ni watu kama nyinyi ndio mnafaa kuchujwa.

there is an explicit option in posts. have you not seen it?


@admin i think most of these problems can be solved if you get rid of this @uwesmake guy, we don’t need the likes of him around here…


[ATTACH=full]3956[/ATTACH] you are attention seeking whore


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My combo is weed and pornography. I used to love alcohol but it is too costly, women waste too much time, kama unataka one hit wonder nishow, maprostie ni wachafu lakini most chicks pia, sema Petri dish… God and Jesus are stories, sorry. Don’t judge.

@admin i think most of these problems can be solved if you get rid of this @jameson GAY, we don’t need the likes of him around here…

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we have different categories in this site. if you don’t like posts of a particular category then ignore it simple.