Site going to the Dogs

My dear lady, why don’t you let the judging be done by He who has the authority to do so…only God…everybody will carry their own baggage, so you come here claiming to be hollier than thou calling people dogs and claiming people are destined for hell, “let he without sin cast the first stone”, and “do not think of yourself highly than you ought to” you might think that you are standing but you are heading for a fall.Now if a person is empty and they need spiritual assistance, do you think your approach is the best, ask yourself.


I dint mean it like that …ati uko down kiroho, u can atleast face ladyette not kusema pple r dumb

Show me where I have called anyone a dog, or told anyone they are going to hell or judged for that matter. Highlight it infact.

out of order, my brother, the insult was uncalled for. please be gentle and apologize to the gentle lady. thank you.

Title says “Site is going to the Dogs”

Please let God decide this…

And what are you a slave to? do you have some context into why people find themselves in such circumstances

If something is going wrong , someone has to say …it will be fake if nothing is said

We have a funny way of applying blinded perspective when we don’t want to see the truth.
What I have written is nothing new, get yourself acquinted with the Bible.
Last I checked no one is called “site” . . . . and it a collective responsibility.

@Ladyette the site is divided into various categories all sex related content go to sexuality n relationship section. The more bold ones are in the vip subsection. If you feel offended by post relating to sex then kindly avoid the sexuality section. I believe we have categories this site very very on the home page.

2. We have a report button on every post and reply. If you feel offended kindly use them, any mod online or admin will deal with the said report. I have never seen you report any offensive post or comment.

3. This is a social site where different members are anonymous to each other. @Deorro claims that he is a student but how many can prove that that’s the truth? Maybe he is a database administrator in some firm or how sure are you that @uwesmake has been to sj? Maybe he is telling us tales about his friend. This is just a platform that allows us to express ourselves in different ways which may not be part of our daily lives


And if it’s a collective responsibility why are you whining here just report the content first, if no action is taken then start whining…

You can’t sugarcoat the truth. Consider this my freedom of expression too.

And this issue of people not taking it upon themselves to guide the community by reporting inappropriate content but instead whining is something wrong which i also have to say, it would also be fake if nothing was said about it.

Let me tell you this as a veteran (yes, I discovered the sweetness of that pink space when Omo was just a blue powder without powerfoam and was not gentle on hands!): a man who is not getting some because the fair ladies cannot find the grace to donate to him is ALREADY LIVING IN HELL. i’d rather delay hell!




I’m not taking sides with the perverts of the gay trollers and in fact i advocate for action to be taken, but somebody needs to get off their high horse.If you woke up feeling all righteous doesn’t mean we have to get bashed because of your righteous indignation.

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Would you like us to explain to you how to use the report button?




I am not whining, I am stating facts and if it wasn’t true none of you (porn advocators) would have bothered with this thread AND its not my job to regulate content. Kazi ya moderator ni gani?

You contradict yourself, didn’t you just say this??

@Ladyette We still are very tame. We are not yet at Klist level. When we get there what will you be saying? Again, kuna mpasho, kuna keygen ama ni kenagen?, na zingine mob.

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