Sit hole South Africa CEO caught looting in a brand new Jeep Wrangler

Ubuntu Wealth Management CEO, Qhawe Sithole, has been arrested by police for allegedly engaging in looting in Durban this week. He was was found in possession of alcohol, a washing machine, and a barstool. South Africans have asked themselves what a CEO had to gain from looting.

Theft is in their blood, gene and DNA

[SIZE=5]They use zip ties as handcuffs? That fat guy akipanua mikono si atahepa tu?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]CC @kush yule mnono [/SIZE]

That’s disgusting.

Integrity ni kitu muhimu Sana.

This one can disappear with client money. Cue in Edwin Dande.

Alienware ame ends na wife pia

Kuna another looter driving a Mercedes benz



[SIZE=5]Mercedes Benz and BMWs are ubiquitous in SA. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Similar to how mark X and Land cruisers are common in Kenya.[/SIZE]

:smiley: you’d think kuna zombie apocalypse vyenye watu ni kusafisha kusafisha. Multinationals hamisheni regional HQ kanairo mtupee wakenya kazi. Hatujafikia our apartheid bonobo cousins

Some people don’t steal things because they’re desperate.
Some people do stupid things because of the adrenaline rush.
To make their life more interesting or because they’re just wired to do criminal activities just for the sake of it.

If Xuma is set free at these moment, will the looting stop ?

3 years ago pale Florida after Hurricane Laura

Ata Katrina pia. Blecks looting BIOS imekua hardcoded kama zile subs za anime huezi toa :D. Comes as SoC from assembly

Looters park their vehicles outside warehouses in durban to load stolen items.,f_auto,q_auto:best/mpx/2704722219/2021_07/f_sky_lon_durban_210714.jpg

:smiley: you can’t be serious


He should loot everything they are just stupid metals and fibre

These people just used the Zuma arrest as an excuse to loot…it was not about Zuma.

nini hio ameficha chini ya shati?