Sisemi Kitu...Not Bad for a Dreamer From Langata West

Ni 2012 Model nilipata ufunguo jana…

E- Class 220 Diesel
6 Speed Manual Gear
One owner from new and only 12,000 Genuine miles.
Previous owner was a County Court Female Judge…
Never done Motorway Miles kazi ni kwenda kotini na na supermarket.

This Bitch is as Mint as a Brand New Benz but i paid less than half the price (including the Trade-in for my older 2005 model)

Not Bad for a “Peasant” who once had dreams of making it to the Big time hapo Nairobi West nikingoja Ma3 ya kunibeba…

Enyewe; you have to keep Dreaming.
The Best thing about Dreaming and Keeping the dreams Alive by working hard is that it Doesn`t Cost you Anything Other than Patience and Faith.


congrats man (but can it cross over into Europe? Brexit tings) and what is it with UK peeps and diesel cars

:frowning: :(:(diesel

nini mbaya na diesel


Diesel cars cost almost half the price to Tax because they are considered Enviromentally Friendlier than Petrol cars.
Diesel is also cheaper in price in Most European countries (not necessarily in the UK) but its also a fact that Diesel engineered cars will take you almost a third further on milage for the same cost as a Petrol car.
Diesel engines have also come a long way in terms of engineering so that the inefficiencies that came from bad exhaust smells have been totally eliminated and so a diesel car seems so much more Cost Effective and Low cost in terms of Maintanance than a Petrol Car.

Shida is that the Technologies in “purifying” the Diesel have Not always been effected in other countries so unapata the same car comes to Kenya but because of the high spec. Diesel reqiurement,hii gari itakuwa imekalia mawe in just 2 years.
Seen that alot with ex - UK Second Hand Diesel VW Passats.

stick to fitsubishi like the rest of us

@Ka-Buda welcome to the club

Exterior ni Mezesha Kijanna…
Labda nivae camouflage.

kwenda, c kuna siku ulieka the older one you had

Kesho basi.
Its Silver. Thats all i can say.
Sitoki inje kupiga picha and from the vintage view from my window penye naicheki ; inaonyesha Number plates.

the engine hutoa sauti not associated with mercs.

unaeza blur plates ala! lakini congrats wengine wetu ndo hustle tunaanza

siku hizi wame improve the engine technology, vile kabuda amedai, shida kubwa tu ni quality of the fuels especially in developing countries kama sisi

Labda niambie Junior wa Mine anioneshe hizo stra za ku-blur vitu…kikikiki…
(i`m too old to even remember passwords)
Hustle Hard Kijana na ujiamini…
Kujiamini is what brings all Dreams Together…

Kuna beamer pia za diesel zinasound kama kisaigi.:D:D:D BTW, isn’t the life cycle of such an engine shorter?

@Ka-Buda si unaeza kuwa una-source magali for talkers huko u.k at a fair price then wanakutumia pesa.
kama avenesis hivi ama v.w

The problem with European specced cars zikija Kenya they can’t stand the abuse they’ll be subjected to. Unakuta mtu amebuy Avensis then after 3 months anasema hii gari ni mashida tupu, afadhali ningebuy Premio.

other than poor quality fuel. what else makes european cars beat here

I believe so especially with our fuels