Sirkali saidia

Leo ni leo but it is a small price to pay to bring sanity back


:D:D Hilarious but she is expressing the truth

:Dthe quintessential voter

Radio stations and the usual vultures will make her famous

I like her consistency. Despite the emotions, she’s not forgetting or deviating from the message she wants to reach Matiang’, a bus, even if it’s one from the en oo es!

Unaweka chakula kwa muoto :D:D:D:D

This lady knows exactly what she is doing…very intelligent.

What is going on here? Si wengine ndio tumetoka kwa ranch. :smiley:

wewe osha tunyanye upate madollars na ujue vumbistan nakutafuta

Jaruo wapi dollars omera. Njaa ni mbaya saidi sana huku Vumbistan bwana…

Utajua haujui karibuni. Hapo hapo Lang’ata.