siri ya wahalifu

…at ntv. sad

wrink ?

askari piga watu mahindi…i’ve faced these fvckers and i have no sympathy for them.


na ubadilishe hio avator bana @mkiawakati96


Hehehehehehe, hii kitu ni bullshit, nimeskia kaschana kamesema walikuwa wanashafirisha bunduki ndogo kama ak 47, wameficha hata kwa weave!


Kuna hapo place ameongea mate ikaisha akaita ak ati aka!!! But this is the thug life peope live.

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hawa ma journalist wanatubeba ufala siku hizi sana, everyone can see this is scripted upuss! if any of it was true, they could have atleast cross-referenced certain events e. g the murder at a petrol station near tamasha.



Why would they need to script something like that?

sales my friend, it’s all about the money. imagine the going rate for ad slots today since they had a "special "

You can script it to make it more palatable to the audience it is intended for. Doesn’t necessarily mean that the content is far-fetched or imagined.

kumbe hawa madame wa kufua nguo wengine ni part of gansters

ok, in the last 5yrs, how many watchmen have lost their lives in robbery incidents in Nairobi? better still has a petrol station attendant ever been fatally shot in langata?

Nimeenda kuongea biz na mjomba nikapata anawatch hii nonsense, told him I would be back later. I have little tolerance for bullshit.

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funny enough alikua ana refer iyo AKA kaa bunduki ndogo ndogo…

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