The title of “Sir” is given to anyone awarded knighthood by the Queen or a member of the royal family acting in her stead. Knighthood can be awarded for military service or to anyone deemed a significant contributor to national life. Members of the clergy and foreign citizens who are awarded knighthood cannot use the title of “Sir.”
Example of sirs…
Sir. Alex Ferguson
Sir. Elton John
Sir. Richard Branson
Sir. Bobby Charlton
Sir. David Attenborough ,etc
The female version is dame yes dame
Eg. Dame purple.

Exclusive to UK citizens.

Wachana na hako kanyanya ka England. Unaweza jiita sir ukitaka na hutapelekwa mahali.

Not really anyone can be given, but you only use it if you’re British national, British citizens are called nationals banae…citizens ni wewe.

Sir Charles Njonjo

The Uncle Tom

Hova’s son is called Sir Carter. No one stopped him.

Sir Thiem

Dayuuum bigging ourselves again.:DMsito Thiem…arrao me to raff roudly.

The title opens v many doors. The public want the title stripped from Sir Phillip Green. Mwizi, bad employer and tax evader. Google him.

Sir Elton John’ ni a senior mchunisha sukuma. Although nyimbo zake ni tamu Sana. Tafadhali our lovely sister @Finest wine tuwekee ngoma mbili za huyu msito from the archives.

Sir Egbert Udo Udoma

Sir Egbert Udo Udoma was a lawyer and justice of the Nigerian Supreme Court. He was Chief Justice of Uganda from 1963 to 1969. He spent 13 years as a judge on the Supreme Court of Nigeria and was chairman of the Constituent Assembly from 1977 to 1978. He was one of the founding fathers of Nigeria.

Purple sio kadame, ni storng independent black woman who don’t need no man in her life

Lay low till we soh…criminal mbwa ii

Careful now, Freemasons are a powerful lot

I oblige dear Shifo with this apt song Candle in the Wind which he sung at Diana’s funeral…

Elton John is a legend and I am sure he is on speed dial to Prince Harry and Prince Charles about the current situation. But here we go with one of his many amazing songs. His shows sell out in all of 1 nanosecond.

He is once again performing with our late George Michael…owner of careless whispers!

Rocket man is one of my favs. He is so amazing. Here we go…

The last one I post now is by my dude late George Michael. Careless whispers.

some sweet music there…