Sioni tafuti ya Moi and Uhuru Muigai

I see people here and the other social media platforms condemning Moi but the way I see it Uhuru is worse than Moi only that he got too much PR
Daniel Moi orchestrated the largest theft of tax payer coffers in the 90’s. Over 100 Billion KShs was stolen via the Goldenberg scandal. He oversaw a torture program that KILLED Kenyans. But Uhuru Muigai has already stolen billions of money and taken over a huge portion of the economy.Many Kenyans have lost their jobs/lives as a result of Uhurus policies.
Bottomline: Moi gave us milk but Uhuru is milking us to death

Kama Uhuru haja kukamua, weka mikono juu

Weka mikono juu na uweke shida chini

Ba ba ba banjuka tu


Nje meta meta has taken us to the dogs . Despots must fall.
Moi was better, I rather Autocracy than Democracy tenge kila mtu ni juaji

This is simply what I said in another thread. Kwanza this crook for president called Uhuru could be worse. Moi could change the law to do what he wants. Uhuru ignores as if he’s above it. Court orders are being ignored left right and centre. And if that uhuru dies today, naitisha nyama choma meffi yeye

Umesahau huge unemployment rate of upto 11.4% in 2019 and these numbers are pre financial crisis we are about to experience tukianza kulipa the Chinese loans.

Tough times ahead. Uhunye is a toothless Bulldog, He sneers every time in the media but never acts.
The poverty Index is still rising, while the politicians are smuggling public resources no one Gives a damn Bora uwe unaimba BBI, you can have your fill.
We are doomed!

Guess you guys never heard of SAPs brought by the IMF in the mid nighties as Moi had made Kenya desperately broke. Conditions were massive retrenchment in the civil service, reduction in no of ministries (they were over 40, each with two assistant ministers) payment of fees in mid colleges and universities, removal of subsidies etc. Politics of patronage were at another level

still better. Everybody knew Moi was a cunt and an uneducated fool who cant heed advice from anyone. Here we are, 2020 yet someone disguises himself as a good man lakni ni saitani tuuuu. Everybody knew Moi is rigging elections in Mlolongos, huyu anatumia manipulation of servers and killing anyone who can go against that plan. At least Moi stole from taxes, the current errand boy is borrowing and stealing and accuses others of doing so.

Hio siku nitakula nyama choma sana na nitawasha baruti.

mbwa nyinyi,mtakufa mbele,nikijua kule mtazikwa nitakuja ni urinate kwa hizo makaburi zenu,sitambui takataka

@Niaje wakameat… si leo uniokoe na mutura ya 50 bob

kufa ,ghasia

Kwani Lichoti hajakupanulia mattercore leo uko na hasira mob sana

roysambu sio mbali

Kuja karen niko huko

wakanyugi, thie ukamie nakūu -------->>>. Apana tambua uthamaki shieth. Ndakwīrire ingīkūnyita no gūkūmunya mau magego ūrang’ethia hau.

Mkia vipi