Mbona mna lenga hii story wangwana

Stima zilipotea jana andikia sisi summary.

Kenyans watched a child drown … instead of trying to help , most were shouting and doing nothing , in a span of 20 minutes , 20 minutes …we are animals…

mimi kenye nilijua ni ati kwa parastatal pesa inakuliwa…saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana…paying up to 6m a month for “medical care” in an unregistered facility for massage and suppliments after withdrawing kids from government specialised and subsidized facility…as if the massage and the suppliments were really recomended by the real specialists …anyway kuna uyo mtu anatajwa hapo ati clinical officer wa kenya child welfare…huyo ndi mwenye maneno…[SIZE=1]mark this comment…[/SIZE]

I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic but I once watched 3 guys drown trying to help this young lass who had unwisely waded into a deep end.

If you do not have specialized training, especially with an erratic individual there is a high chance you may end up drowning yourself

Wewe na fake news can never be separated. Ni kama reggae na umaskini.
Having crossed that channel, I know the ferry does not take 20 minutes. And yet you could see it slowly moving away from the car.

A normal car takes about 30 seconds to sink. Wacha kuskiza propaganda za Twitter.

Also, who in their right mind would swim a height equaivalent to almost a 20 storey building? Anyone jumping to help would have just ended up dead.
You need a diver with diving equipment.

Hehehee… guys think this is about the ferry disaster. Anyway. Huyo mama CEO wa CWA ni mwenye hiyo Stallion Rain Assoc.

couldn’t finish past the crying kid…kenya sucks aki ya nani