Singo mothers what is this now?

God please bless me with children you see how I will avoid men like Ebola. Even now am avoiding but I will avoid more after. Women’s conference notes, no looking for irresponsible baby daddies or any other men for that matter. Focus on taking care of your kids, in the end the credit will all go to you. Look how great people raised by single Moms spoil their moms. You can’t cook 2 pots mama one will burn and its the pot of your kids that suffers when they have only one parent and instead of giving her kids her all, she is very busy chasing men ati baby daddy.


let me be frank and go direct to the point. the man below is my baby daddy whom i last saw when i was four months pregnant, of which ilikuwa my first time since i became pregnant. you’ll judge me for needing him even after making my life real hell but i believe he got his own reasons why he mistreated me the way he did . our daughter is 3 years old now but i just miss seeing him one last time and i would like him to see his daughter too. he got me in a deep thin ditch and saved me when our relationship started… slowly by slowly god has blessed me with the ability to raise our daughter alone. i’m not looking for him for love but i desperately need to talk to him.
n/b: he lost his job as a kdf soldier
he comes from nyeri, karatina if i got the right information
his name is peter karuga
he has lived and worked in nakuru and eldoret
i’m tired of dming his friends without help so help me

This is the crux of the matter: she can sense, without even understanding why, that her family is incomplete. A father matters, some girls know it, but they live in a world that lies that all you need is money to buy your children everything they need, and trash the man who gave them life.
All these sob stories from single mothers make me wonder, kwani the men only became demons after they became fathers, or it was all just a selfish plan to get a child from some man, any man, not caring who he was, and never thinking she or the child would ever need him?
Ati see him “one last time” as though he should vanish from the face of the earth after she sees him! What nonsense. Atafutie mtoto baba yake. Mengine yote ni upuzi.

Wanawake mwache kupanulia wanaume miguu.wa kufa afe au anunue.

Is it any father? A father who has no value for you as his child yet you have his DNA and probably look like him? A father who treats you like an after thought? A father who has to be begged to see his own children? A father who breaks his promises and as a result breaks his kids hearts? A father who does not provide taking your mother away from you bcz she is the sole provider? This narrative of fathers matter is bull shit. As you well know everyone can be a biological father but being a real father is a whole other ball game alot of men do not give a damn about. Let’s stop blaming the parent who stayed which is usually the mother and glorifying the parent who left and must be begged to even see his own seed bcz ‘fathers matter’. If these are the fathers then they don’t matter and all the more reason for women to go get pregnant for white men. At least you will have an understable reason for why the children’s father is not present in their lives. If there’s one thing that makes me abhor black men, it’s their propensity to abandon their offspring. Black men have an insane child abandonment level. Unprecedented in all the races and people of the world. Clearly many black men do not deserve to be fathers and this is why I champion and embrace the motto: Kuzalia wazungu ni kuji penda.

You can bash us all you want, but we don’t know the whole truth of this relationship. For all we know, she could as well have been the source of his problems. We don’t even know whether the guy knew she was expectant when they broke up, or the circumstances of the breakup. All we know is what she tells us for sympathy. As for your so called wazungu donors, any man who gives his seed out to some anonymous women ati donating sperm to the huge unknown world like children are the kids of a goat, instead of having a proper family, is no better than a stud. I have no respect for such men. Kama hio ndio mbegu watafuta ni sawa, shauri yako. Indulge

Let’s Simplify this discussion …

There can be no Mother’s without Father’s and vice versa …

So the challenges being posed here are PURELY to do with INTERPERSONAL Relationships …

The crucial underlaying rule is :-

  • Are you compatible as a Couple…??
    Can you tolerate each other’s Strengths and Weaknesses…??

  • Are You both ready to commit to Long Term commitments and common goals …??

  • And most important …
    Do you GENUINELY Love Him / Her …??
    ( … And most Juveniles really fail here - they do not understood the difference between LOVE and S*EX … ) … :D:D

The child is the child of both parents regardless of how they feel about each other. What would you say about women who are raising children sired through rape? Should they dump their kids in children’s homes if they are to behave like men in regards to how they feel about the mother of the child?

Men give love for sex and women give sex for love. This is the conclusion of the matter

@TrumanCapote :
Rape is NOT a relationship…
It is a Serious Crime …

Any outcome of such a Crime it still a precious Child deserving the same kind of support that we give willingly to Orphans …

Ladies can push men to the edge with demands when pregnant or with a newborn. Dame hajali, just adding more and more demands with no concern for the guy, since after all, it’s for the sake of the child, right? WRONG