singo mother or a single girl with trapper signs

torn in between spending on a beautiful working singo mother (30) or an average jobless single girl (26) but who am 95% sure is a seller of coomer… Both are financially distressed, I want to rescue one and smash.
Just slices nothing serious… what choice now…?

kula slices usonge

which one… my hard choice…

take advantage of their distress and get both of them,they will settle for anything you offer.You should not be undecided or torn unless you are attaching more than strings to it,unaattach zile kamba za kufunga meli ikidock

i want to fix one down and eat for some time, not just once, that’s my way of eating kungurus, get one for a short season, then move on. not just one offs…

Make sure you eat all of them…Kula repeat matches…toroka mbio sana

Single mothers are sticky and they have experience.

jobless single girl

single whore is much better

Utapewa na wote as long as you solve their financial issues. That means you are 100% sure they are both whores. Vaa helmet, dinya wote, ingia Aberdares. If you cannot afford to spend on both, choose the one you think will please you in bed like a drunkard in Sabina Joy would.

kweli mko idle sana

wote, alafu usonge ukatafute slices zingine. madame wa siku hizi hawaminiki.

None of them kijana…

Usually I have an easy solution, dinya wote… then make sure they both know the other exists…they will catch feelings and thats enough reason to ghost them. Tell the single mum, you have decided to settle with the other one juu ako na mtoi wako and u feel guilty taking care of ana mans baby and abanoning urs…(atakuelewa) then the pics single mother alikutumia akiwa na mtoto show that single ratchet you are settling with the single mother coz thats ur kid na huwezi mwacha infact shes moving in… problem solved.
Na usiulize maswali ya ujinga kama hii tena…next time ask as after slicing both of them which forest is closer to your location so that we give you directions you inexperienced bastard.

hekima na ujuzi umekithiri katika jawabu hili, hongera jasiri

Okoka kijana Dunia inaisha. These are the end days.

You are also financially distressed if you cant afford both. So focus on yourself.

If your objective is just slices and nothing else (as you have said), why would you even bother about their backgrounds, employment status, single motherhood etc. All that information is irrelevant to a person who is only interested in emptying his balls. You plan to use some cash to unlock their legs, so you are 100% sure that both are prostitutes. Think like a customer would. Changua ile mboga imekubamba, protect yourself, ongeza mileage and fuck her in some lodging. Disappear as soon as you nut the last round. Treat them like prostitutes because that’s what they are. They are just sex toys to you and you are a cash cow to them.

Can’t be that hard with a condom. Pun intended.

Oa spend pesa kwa familia yako