singo mathas


Ukunguru.I always wonder if the ninja who gave these ‘stunningly gergeous & working single mums’ iyo ball can’t stand them, then who am I?
Halafu uyo jamaa aliweka uyo ‘stunningly gergeous & working’ ball na akaingia Madura si lazima akona mali Safy Sana sahii

Nishasoma mukuru hii umeffi

The phrase ‘Men are the gatekeepers of commitment’ comes to mind.

Maneno ya kuraise’cum’ ya jamaa mwingine tulikataa

@tall mnyama everywhere si hii thread ishafunguliwa na @smokin_gun hapo chini, hii kurudia vitu itakuja kukuua blatha

I also want @Onewife Onebabymama

Tulicomplain tukachoka. There are several culprits here. They never scroll the board before putting up new threads. I think they think guys don’t access the news they do. So tiresome.
But then should the MoDs not be merging these threads?

They have lives outside ktalk, imagine going through threads for the mere purpose of merging, it is cumbersome

@Azor Ahai singo matha expert ako wapi…

Met up with four beautiful Single women none is married.:mad:. You would think if they were married they’d obviously not be single. Is aight.

Beauty alone will not keep a man. Character is also key.


So what is their role? anayhooooooo let guys duplicate threads 50 times and don’t complain. I just don’t see that on moderated forums.

mtoto ya malaya singo madha @Azor Ahai Njeri leta advice

Malaya is the bonobo-looking who gave birth to your sura ngumu.

Doesn’t surprise me i know a virgin 32 year old ready to settle always telling me nimtafutie bwana

Nimalisie hio jinga pls:D


very graphic :smiley: cold hard truth