Singo mathas ni kama wanaume wenzako and are incapable of even loving themselves


Huyo jamaa ni fala,angemjibu but can you offer me seks?Singo mothers hukua na poosie moto kuruka.


Atleast this is honest… that nigga did a number on her.

Hehe. Friend-zoned baba. Your turn imeisha sasa tuweke namba hapa hata sisi tujaribu kupambana na iyo shetani inaitwa Ashley’s dad.

io mwanamke iko na roho poa, amemwambia ukweli na zaidi ya hapo amepea Shiru number

Mi nataka kuona reply ya hizo messages. You’ll find the simp negro still begged for the woman’s affection

Single mothers are for recreational purposes only.

Alisema okay

That kind of honesty is rare, all the best to her.

Instead of dem kumwambia there’s a richer male hitting on me and I saw you were serious and never wanted to hurt you, she did that.

If that nigga used to hit it then well and good. Nothing lost.

Mimi ningereply nimwitishe mkia

keyhii usisahau december una undergo operation to become a man

Why would you need to be friends with a woman? .
You have enough male friends to last you a lifetime…

Thats what i always reply when they try to drop this bs on me

what goes on in a man’s head ukifikiria utakatia songo matha na akupende?