Singo matha looking for husband


Nonsense ni kukosa pesa ama?



Huyu atajua talkers ni kina Mani. Waxha tuingie inbox.


Heri huyu, hana standards kama kunguru mob

Yeye mwenyewe ni nonsense…

if she was young and childless she wouldn’t have given you the time. Her pusssy was reserved for badboys. Old-fashioned dudes just weren’t “her type.”

Now she’s older, poor and desperate. And her kid needs a father figure.

Same tired old script.

Sisi nonsense ndo tuko…aende askie ivo hukooo mbali:D:D

They go through a lot from men who view them as easy going, such ladies like her should are easily lied by men in their mid thirties and below.

Picha zingine za Jackie bana

Ni sawa lakini hiyo kichwa yote…

Mlisema huruma ni estate…Kaendee

Ako sawa hawezi lala bila