Singo matha looking for beta simp



With 3 kids?

Now I see the wisdom as to why my forefathers referred to akina @TrumanCapote as children


saum maqbul, you need a break from the internet when you are fasting. I hope your forefathers taught you that

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2:59 am…one minute tu ile masaa ya saitan. Hapa ndio mujamaa anajiingiza anabaki kulia akisema women are evil.

If she has three kids and she wants me to marry her, we have to agree on these conditions:

  1. Kila mtoto apelekee baba yake aishi naye. So that I don’t interact in any way with the kids.
  2. If you ever visit or call the baby daddies I will murder you.
  3. No paying dowry since you are secondhand goods

Naona asha kujibu na her low IQ responses. I am sure umeshikwa na migraine ya bure