Singo Daddy

Kudos for the Job well done bro, it takes courage to move on as a man in this current society and all the credit is for being nice, what if you where the bad guy your judgement would be clouded between killing both of them and leaving the baby with the mother, a terrible thing that would haunt you. A little curiosity, Where is she holed to currently? have you been in contact, is she married? … You need to be prepared they always come back for the baby, prepare adequately have legal custody of the baby, my two pence.

so hukujibu watu hii swali

Big up,sio wanaume wengi wanaweza lea mtoto

Keep going strong bro. As you probably know by now mtoto ni baraka.

Bila DNA Ni probono Una fanya

Are you by any chance related to Lerionka Tiampati?

And she turns up drunk with dry cum on her ass.