Singo Daddy

No I can spell. I promise.
I’ve been a single Dad for a year now. Strictly speaking. But realistically, that bitch was never really there. So maybe 2 years now.

This is the tale of a beta male who got fucked over so hard. I became an alpha or whatever I am right now simply because there was nothing else to become.

I really respect single moms. Infact I am in awe. I arrived at this decision one night when the baby wouldn’t shut up. I was jobless, fresh out of college. Fat as can be and the newest bachelor in town/village. This tiny thing was crying. I just sat there tears down my face wondering how the hell does such a tiny thing have such a pair of lungs. God is truly amazing. What an architect. Also I thought, this is bloody hard, I am probably going to die.

See the woman I ejaculated my seed into turned out to be a drunk party monster with a fidelity problem. I can’t really blame her I should have left the first time but alas the ignorance of youth. Call it ‘true love’. Mr. Romantic Nice Guy. Fuck that shit. She proceeded to sleep with almost everybody. Her boss, my friends, relatives. Everyone except me. Boss, 3 month dry spells. So one day my 2½ year old asks me, daddy, mbona mom hanipendi? And she turns up drunk with dry cum on her ass. I left a week later. (Sikuwa na fare) Took the tiny guy. And so began my journey.

I’m sitting in this tiny room with this wailing baby myself wailing and I realized single mothers are so strong.

So anyway a year later I’m still fat. But my baby is alive and well. School-going now. I have a stable job.

I haven’t been with a woman since his mom. I mean if you think men hate single moms try being a single dad. Women think they want a good man but the minute they got one it’s like they try to kill you. Can’t blame them. The reality of life is often disappointing compared to the fantasy. Being a nice guy is shit and no woman will ever truly love you. But hey, it is what it is.

Alive and grateful.
Thank you.

Question I have is you seriously couldn’t tell that woman was a serial disher of goods before you ejaculated in her?

Hapana. She was a church going damsel. She woke up at 4am to pray daily. That aside she was a virgin.
Beta male stupidity.

So are you saying that once she tasted it from you, she went crazy with it.

Zile vitu me husoma hapa hunimalisa

Saw it too man

You exercised your power to walk away from a bullshit situation, that’s the most important thing. Most men would have been too scared to raise a child by themselves, they’d rationalize staying in a shitty relationship just to avoid the responsibility and loneliness. Some would have committed suicide or killed the wife and kids. You made the right decision.

You probably hate women right now but eventually that will pass. For now just focus on yourself and your kid, a bachelor who has his shit together is like crack to these hoes. They’ll be crawling out of the woodwork very soon. When they do, for fucksake remember what your wife did to you. All women are different and all women are the same.

Boss, can u just say ain’t no worse dogs than single mums …I need it to come out clearly

I want to know the answer to this too.

Hii ujinga ndio inatumaliza tu!

Kama haujafanya DNA uko na kibastad hapo unalea, mwanetu. Pole.

Pole sana you’ve travelled a rough road. You are a hero to your son, raise him well and he’ll be a blessing to you once he’s old enough to understand. All the best man.

:smiley: This story bwana, sometimes one can’t tell if you are just BSing or serious.

Once alionjeshwa akasema kumbe hii kitu ni Tamu hivi!

Buana. Have never thought of it like that. Yes. Mlango ulifungika nyumba ikabomoka

I consider it a bit better than the man who found a used condom in his wife’s ass but basically yes. On the way to the bathroom I spotted a trail of the devil’s teardrops leading right from her ass to her back.

Thank you kind Lion.

A man must live… You are an OG lakini tafuta nyondos apana jiua na baridi. Kuna corona.

Reminds me of this guy… Single Dad… So he had to get a househelp from mashambani…

The house help aka anza kuongeza makalio and became quite pretty… Sasa jamaa aka anza ku sample house help… Lakini pia alikua aki leta chipo from club times zingine…

Hio nyumba haikua ina kalika… He had to get a shosho house help…

All women are different and all women are the same. Paradox. well put anyway, it takes strength to move on amidst the law that seems to favor women more than men, Dude is lucky the baby momma has not yet retaliated and indeed she will at some point.