Single woman

Hello guys I need your help I am 39 years old I need strategies on how to seduce the single woman for my side it is so complicated issues to face these ladies so just I need your ideas

Can you find something to do please

  1. Find a job/ hustle
  2. Make a lot of money.
  3. Invest widely
  4. Single women will bring themselves to you.

Wewe ni ghaseeer 39 years and you have not put your shit together.

:D:D:D hii kijiji iko na pungwani wengi tu

Mind your own business


At 39 years you can’t be helped. Tumia mshahara yako kusaidia parents na siblings.

Talk to yiur fellow wanker @kanguthu

You posted that to just provoke people to comment, didn’t ya?

Kabisa, na aambie parents wamtafutie bibi

Good luck with that

Ingia any church, single women wamejaa huko

Become a terrorist then become a suicide bomber. You’ll have 72 single women for all of eternity.