Single mum had it all

I had this secretary who was always horny and had a hard on on me. She was like 4 months pregnant and i kept on telling her how her ball looked owesome especially when in short dress. Nakwambia compliments works magic. So one day i told her to allow me touch her ball niskie venye hukuwa coz i had never done it before. To my suprise, jioni akapitia kwa office and told me…guza haraka kabla upatikane… wee…she came closer and was in a silk red dress. Sijui mbona madame wakiwa na ball wanapenda short dresses. Akasimama kando yangu and i swang my chair…wah… sema mapaja… i concentrated on the upper part but the fisi in me said lazima nikule…i touched her ball gently in round complementing her and she loved it coz i took my sweet time. She mooved closer and was now in between my legs. “naogopa. I want to go“ nikamwambia oky dear. You are so sweet. My left hand dropped to her buts gently and felt her thighs with my right hand looking her directly in her eyes. Akanishow that she wanted to leave nikamshow sawa. By that time my hand was just afew inches to the honey port. Siwezi iacha ivo…she had no pants… thats a bonner…akasonga na kuni show next time. Nikasema ni sawa. She pulled the dress down and left. Jioni i texted her and told her how she was irresistable. I asked her if we can have dinner on friday and she was oky with that. We ended at my place. Aliambia mboch atakam kesho and that was it. That pussy was so sweet. I used a cd for the first round and had it raw the whole night. I hit that thing hadi akajifungua a baby boy and named him after me. I still get slices untill now. Is it always that pregnant women love dicks?what is your take?

Sasa amka…that was a wet dream…ouch no it was a ball dream,kikiiikiiii

Fantasy world

Fertile imagination… Fancy writing short scripts for porn hub?

ndio maana siezi kubali alale kwangu.
sema kidney kutolewa

Amka usikojoe kitanda kababa

The year is almost coming to an end…but you have received the honours of receiving the yearly Imbecile Award 2020 Edition

Kwani hizi story zote za fantasy kwa hii Kijiji hakuna dame huvaa jeans wote tu ni short skirt…ghaseeer

Ati ulimpiga kuni hadi akajifungua baby bwoy" Duuuh!

Sema @Kimakia

kabaka mutesa ,unasumbua sana sikuzi kama mteso aba

Hii ndo imefanya tujue ni hekaya.

Ata kama ni kunidharau don’t equate me to that low life braggart

Mawazo yenye rotuba




By the way its a true story

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A songer once sing a song and said “Dunia ina Mambo…”

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