single mum anataka bwana


Let the son marry her.

Singo matha apana ata akuwe ako na kuma ya gorofa achana nayo

huyu kijana anaweza kupiga mangumi akifika age 16 upwards

unadinya kwa kondom alafu unaingia boni

Oedipus complex development ndio hio kwa mtoto.

Real men love the woman unconditionally… And other quotes

Huyu kijana vile amezoea kuwa intimate na mama yake (kissing, smooching, sleeping in same bed, being bathed by her) ukiingilia kati(marry her) and try to create a wedge between the two(comes naturally) atachukia wewe and he will always look for a reason to chase you away. Mkikosana naye ama mamake atakupiga ama akuue. NEVER marry a single mother with a MALE kid. Kama ni kuoa single mother tafuta one with a girl kid cause girls are not obsessed with the mothers and once she grows up she will develop intimacy with men and reduce her attention to the mom

my friend the girl will also disrespect you and probably get a child as a teenager you will end up raising step grandchildren

Even your own daughter can get pregnant while underage. That’s not an issue

Yawa hii si ni mateso bila chuki.

What in the actual fuck is this bullshit

Watoto wa single mother wakifika 10 years wanaanzanga kuona anyone getting intimate with their mums as meffi ya kale. Wanakudharau but they have been trained on how to behave when you are around ndio supply ya mkate isikatike.

Shes just saying that for friends and family. Once amekunasa she will do everything possible to make you stay. Thats why such kids will end up hating you.

What is that woman doing kissing that boy on the lips? She should never be dressed like that in front of her son. WTF is going on. Aping western culture.

True dat mheshimiwa. She has always been so close to this brat but when you come into her life, she will naturally bring you closer to her while subconsciously pushing away the brat. The brat will react by hating you though not openly since he/she still loves and respects the mom. A cold war may linger between you and him for quite some time. But if you sacrifice your male instinct and pamper the brat and bring him up well, he may end up loving you for stepping in a positive way in his life. It’s quite tricky though because the genetic pool of the brat may be from a criminal like @johntez addi gaza msafi

Accept him as your own son… Ànd other quotes

:DTalking from experience?

This is the stupidest thing I have read after St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. So ningoje miaka ngapi ndio nijue kama nyoka nimefuga in venomous?

Hii ni karata. Pata potea. It may go your way or the wrong way.