single mothers


Lord have Mercy


Haha @Voltron likes this!

Comment SEXtion itakuwa mwoto saidi
… Wacha fat singomathas feminazist wacumm


So cold

That single mother is a human being.
She could be your mother, aunt or sister and got pregnant through the all too known male trickery.
Think people, think.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy on us.

Nonsense!!! (Insert Atwoli’s voice)

In this day and age single motherhood is a choice.

Coming back to this bullshit!!!


Jirani wasumbua sana kweli

Fuck all that.

uhoro wa matuku?

Chunga sana vile unaongea wariah, tuliona juzi vile tusomali tunafanywa single mother. Inaweza kua yule sister yako.

No they are not.

:D:D:Dnigga has a point

Is there anything like a ‘single mother’? Does a woman sire a child alone without sleeping with a man? I think the appropriate term would be ‘husbandless mother’