Single Mothers Menace in Nairobi ( Part 2) This is very worrying now!

Who is going to marry over 18 million single mothers in kenya, ?? This is an EPIDEMIC and Politicians wont talk about this epidemic becouse they might lose votes, Media wont talk about it becouse single mothers/women are the biggest Spenders and they might lose advertisement revenues.
Churches wont talk about it becouse churches are overcrowded by single mothers and they are the biggest tither.
A friend of mine runs a low income 40 units apartment complex and even she said that the majority of the residents are all single mothers over 30 years old and that most of them are single as far as she knows.

Where is this society and country in general headed to?

Raila had a solution but some shouted RWNBP…


Scholar in chief @M2Random kam kiasi

  • what about the baby daddies ? Where are they heading to?

Single by choice


out of 42 Million Kenyans 18 million are singomathas? While 60% of the population is under 18 years= 25.2m So 42-18= 24m.

:D:D:D:D:DDamn with this logic we are all singomathas.

Hizi statistics umetoa kwa matako.

Where else?

Kumaanisha ni ya punda


hujui kitu kinaitwa hyperbole?

Must they get married?


Tuseme wako na pesa ya kujisustain? Bora hawakusumbui watasurvive tuuuu

This situation is good for those who have wives already and looking for sex only, but bad for those looking for wives. The solution is to use single mothers for sex as you search for a childless woman to start a family with. Single mothers are single mothers because men aren’t programmed to carry other people’s baggage. There are better things to do like learning kung-fu and science.

It’s a vicious cycle, not as easy as this statement

Competition for childless women to marry is through the roof in Nairobi at least. I suggest you get a serious advantage if you don’t have looks. Compensate it with money at least. So if you are 30 and average looking, maybe she can feel motivated because you are still a better choice than a sponsor - long term.

40 low income units za wapi?

If that was the situation no man in Kenya would ever complain of a dry spell yet Wakanyaks is always here begging.
And hardly a week passes without seeing a thread on how poosie has become expensive in Nairobi, that then shouldn’t be the case.
Why am I even trying, it’s all crap anyway.