Single mothers increase a time bomb to our future

Single mothers population in Kenya is something to worry are we going to be like the black American people massive absentee father’s and numerous gang shit amongst themselves, blacks killing blacks, the replica of the black American family unit is our future if this trend will continue.
Masculined women feminists are to blame.


This village is partly to blame for the escalating numbers


We are bringing up irresponsible brats who father kids at an early age. And then the circle continues. God have mercy on us all.

The responsibility for unprotected sex is shared by both parties involved.

Abortion is an option that single mothers choose to disregard or overlook.


All the things you have mentioned are exactly the reasons why a sane man would go MGTOW without question.

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Women are the gatekeepers of sex and the womb. On this one I disagree.


Kings remain toxic. Dem akilete kiherehere, join us here Boni or kakamega forest. YOLO

Kwanza Eastlands, @yuletapeli hama apo in 20yrs coz those brats will be vermin around there


Very true. As a woman kama huwezi Lea motto on your own or don’t have a support system Incase you have no resources to raise a child, you either insist on CD or use contraception or both (dual contraception).

True----Part of the children with no dad were due to the woman assuming that unprotected sex means the guy wants a child immediately. I think both parties should agree when they want a baby. The common excuse of ‘what did you expect after unprotected sex’ should not be used unless they planned for a baby.

They already are enda Jericho na Uhuru estate uone sampuli ya wanaume

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pale kwa zuckerberger wamejaa kwa inbox yangu…