single mothers celebrate as high court makes a ruling

A man will continue raising two minors his former wife got from a different relationship, the High Court has ruled.
since he had assumed responsibility while married he must continue,

why marry a single mother in the first place

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Case closed.
Funga thread!

When you marry a woman, it’s assumed that you have accepted her assets and liabilities


It gets even more complicated because the third born is not his either. The only solution is to have a paternity test every time your wife gives birth. Unfortunately, in the near future the government will make that move illegal.


dick control is key


Let him enjoy the fruits of his stupidity

Why marry a lady with another man’s preganancy na unampatia jina yako?

Easier said than done. That animal has a mind of its own.

There are many self test kits at home.

Kenyan judges are so useless. Very inconsistent. One judge ruled in favour of a man in Mombasa and awarded him damages then we have this clowns in Nairobi.

Sasa kama hata kuoa huyo mwanamke single ni shida :D:D. This ruling is absurd and redundant and only applies to the residue zeta males of the population.

5. A person who has parental responsibility for a child at any time shall not cease to have that responsibility for the child.

Ukikuwa captain save a hoe uprovide for some hoes bastards you are on the hook for 18 years. Even worse if your wife cheats and gets paged, you are still on the hook…its ridiculous.

I already told you guys that the matrix is designed to oppress the bottom 99% of men. No law will ever serve/favor that demographic because they are the backbone/slaves of the economy.

All they have to do is impose a 2.5 million fine or jail term of 5 years for any man who conducts a paternity test. That will give the top 1% men a loophole but trap the bottom 99% to raise kids that don’t belong to them.

Msito umegonga pale palipo.

Ukiweka a lady on a pedestal she’ll punish you heavily.

Dude married the lady akiwa na 5 months pregnancy ya another man.
Akamzalia kamoja kibahati mbaya, then got the third kid from another guy while still in marriage.


It’s the law.

Ebu tuangalilie provisions za section 25 zinasema nini? Please…