Single mothers are really increasing in number

This is the third time I’m hitting on a fairly young girl, less than 24 and finding that they all have kids. Sasa yule dem nilikuwa naona future na yeye just dropped the bombshell. She has a four year old baby and she is just 21 years :D. Ni kunoma wadau.

Kumeharibika sana. Ata mimi nilipata a 22 year old PYT. She was pretty until she dropped the bombshell that she delivered less than a year ago. I just put on my sports shoes, and now am on my way headed to Karura, at a neck brecking speed.

:D:D:D tutalijua jiji. @Azor Ahai a.k.a @Top-Gun alisema itafika point wanaume wacompromise. That time is coming

The last people tulioa madem chaste no sisi vijana was 80s. Nyinyi mutahangaika saidi

Hio nakubali. Kupata dem fresh imekuwa ngumu sana

Umbwa ghaseer

I have noticed the same. Itakuwa kama akataa nation where almost 80% of mothers are single.

No fucking way. Just because there’s no meat in the firest doesn’t mean a lion will settle for grass. There will alway, I repeat, always, be childless cute ladies. You just gotta know where to hang out and where to look for them

Of course. Kama mimi ile mbio nimetoka I’m headed to Embobut forest…No fucking way :smiley:

Sisi wanaume ndio tunaumia :smiley:

Madem WA familia za ubabini(wadosi) hawazai at 20 or 20s
That’s where you look

Niliambia watu there is a shortage of childless women of marriage age, relative to the men who want to marry. So, it is not mathematically possible for all men to find childless women to marry. Nilitusiwa sana na beta males still clinging onto a false hope. Sasa watu wenye hawakuoa mapema wafikirie kwenye watatoa mabibi juu most of their prospects will always have bastards somewhere. Haka kaukweli most unmarried men hawapendi kusikia na huwa wanajam sana na kupeana examples za 1 in a hundred old guys who found childless women. Hao single mothers watawaoa wapende wasipende juu wako checkmate :D:D. Ukipita 35 bila bibi, na una any plans za family, just compromise and stop wasting time. Find the single mother with the least baggage (e.g with a girl child and a good career), ukisonga mbele.

Wait until you are told to table your assets and bank accounts. Dame will most likely do a Karura on you.

We are not interested in marrying, tutawatombea mabibi coz hao singo mathas have our kids

I don’t care.

Basi wachana na paragraphs kama capote

Hio nayo haigwes make mdau

Ni single mother ama MGTOW sasa. Chaguo ni lako. You are cornered.

The sexual marketplace is like any other marketplace. Huexpect kufika marikiti saa kumi jioni upate the freshest produce and at the normal price. Trying to find a wife in your 30s is the same thing as kuenda marikiti saa kumi jioni after watu wamechagua all the good stuff wakamaliza.


Wacha kuzisoma,.

Madem ni wengi wale hawa ja zaa.