Single mother

Elders hata Google imewatambua kupeana mimba na kukimbia Boni forest at the speed of light .[ATTACH=full]391218[/ATTACH]

Cannot wait enough for the day the government will begin supporting them with tax-money from the so called ‘happily married men’ :D:D:D

Unfortunately, it’s us men who make them singo mathas

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…injili imetembea kutembea!!!

Vaeni kondom. Mumeshindwa kulea mmeachia wanaume wenzenu mbegu wawalelee. Pathetic human scums

Really, it’s not a consentual agreement?
A good deal of these pregnancies come from sleeping with married men

True. The sponsor culture. Young girls have fallen for it hook,line n sinker … big-time. In their quest to live a false fantasy …a life of money,riches and glamour they find themselves hang up dry. And the misery begins. Another generation of hoodrats is born and the circle continues.

Thanks to social media a number of greedy girls have seen a way out of the 8-5 and splayed their legs to married men in the hopes of reaping where they sowed not, remember Sharon…dimwit right there.

Its nothing about morality. its about equality. women decided to take tasks that they are poorly suited for. or rather men decided to let go and the society is crumbling.

Ona Ile upuzi inaendelea majuu, nobody wants to be accountable to anybody. Equality kitu gani, equity…ukikuja bash na glue kama addi meffi usikimbilie kufungua Muscador.

Then the same married men want to shame bachelors into marriage with their leftovers.

Shame you? hardly, we do not care for your taunts but shaming is a feminine tactic

It’s feminine which sadly most men are…please read what I wrote and digest it first.