Single mother ordeal

Am a married man …my so called wife is expectant but still I married her with a daughter who she’s now 5years old. She wasn’t working and so I decided to open her a wholesale shop. She has been running the business for about 2 years now. It’s at a very good place and its doing very well so far. So for the last 2 years , I have never seen a single coin from the business. Have never asked her for it. I knew maybe one day she’ll surprise me after saving well but up to now I got nothing. So on Friday I asked her for some cash but to my surprise she had a money. I had to take her phone and bank statements only to find out all her money she channels to one person. Remember she doesn’t cater for anything in the house.I do shopping for them too.I was surprise to learn that all her money , she send to her baby daddy whom she told me , he once almost killed her before she became single. As per now am so stressed don’t know what step to take coz she has confess everything, they have been meeting every Wednesday. It has pushed me to even doubt the unborn child isn’t mine at all.which step should I tske guys i need some advice .DAMN THIS SINGLE MOTHER.


Acha nicomment mbio mbio before @Azor Ahai the Faggot shows up with facts pulled from his gay ass. As for wewe Bentik, sijui real handle yako ni gani but nashuku sana @chap [ATTACH=full]371528[/ATTACH]

Just asking, what makes a normal man to marry a single mother? Labda nikue kilema na nikue nataka mtu wa kunipanguza mafwi baada ya kukunia kwa choo. hapo ndio nitaweza sema yes to a singo matha

Jaruo ki.hii mtoto wa singo matha…unatafutwa Kimilili DEB kukatwa those 15kg meatflaps

Ooooh crap, mkubwa kumbe ushafika?? Ni kama story za single mothers huwa zinakuita kutoka usingizi. Wewe nko sure ata ukikufa na mtu akuje karibu na jeneza lako aseme “single mother ame…” utafufuka on the spot.

This is too much to bear. Just buy a rope and hang yourself. Or better still, just kill her and go to Kamiti for the rest of your life.

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I can literally see tears in your eyes. [ATTACH=full]371532[/ATTACH]
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Oooohh pole naona umekasirika hadi rusungu inakulemea.
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May you kill the baby daddy

Wapi? Najua handwriting ya @chap vizuri sana. Kama si chap nashuku ni @byro

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Foreskin yako pia inajulikana vizuri sana na ni ya 15kg

Okay. So? Si nakwambia imekwama kwa diastema ya mama yako. Inaonekana nitakua circumcised leo coz anasema haiwezi toka, hadi ichinjwe

Assuming wewe sio admeffi unataka kuboost traffic, wacha tu nikwambie ukweli juu hutapenda. You are living with a snake. She got married to you for your money like most single mothers do. Huyo baby daddy anakulanga hiyo kitu na anamwaga ndani…and probably that kid is his. You are just a tool to her. Move on.