Single Mother namaliswa


I despise single mothers

Umbwa ghasia takataka

I hate them kabisa… mmoja karibu aniharibie jina …she used me to get back at her baby daddy


Hapo kwa responsibility na burden amemaliza kunguru kabisa.

Hehehe nature and the passage of time always humbles these hard-headed women…always

Kwani watoto ni wangu. Ndo ajue kupanua si responsibility kwangu

Hahaha haha!!! Running away from responsibility my foot!


tuoneshe hio response ama continuation :D:D

She wouldn’t accept the excuse of jamaa kuwa busy and kept on pressing. Jamaa akaamua flying kick.

Afu utacheki kaselfie kame captioniwa Jayden ameandikiwa hapo katikati ati "#myworld #myheartbeat… :D:D
Untie wa Harrier kujeni pole pole bana

Knock out

Bomboclat!! Apana tambua hio mambo, single mothers ni mzigo tupu…ati unasomeshea nduguye mtoto ‍♂️

it’s all fun and games for these bitches until they end oup with 3 bastards from 3 different men. Juzi i had a convo with a bitter single mother who straight up told me that she wouldn’t shed a tear if her baby daddy dropped dead. Hehehe on further inquiry she told me that the negro took off as soon as he heard about the pregnancy. She now blames him for her lost youth etc etc…nikaamuliza swali moja//// What were u thinking when u were spreading his legs for him and letting him nut in U? Its not like u never knew he was just a bum …

Bottom line, i played along for two months while enjoying them slices halafu nikaingia mitini when she started asking for money. The emotional baggage that these people have coupled with a warped sense of self-importance knowing that they rank lowest in the society SMV food chain makes it a complete waste of time to talk to them, let alone date them.

75% of the men in ktalk are children of single mothers. That hate is real. I have no grudge against single mothers because I have never encountered one in my life but I have friends brought up by single mothers and they are great guys.

“men hate responsibility”, a common phrase thrown around their very verbal circlejerk support groups. Misery loves company. Mjinga is the one who caves into these projections. Motto is don’t confuse burden with responsibility.

After that there wouldn’t be another statement from her,alisoma hiyo comeback ya boy child magoti ikaisha nguvu.Ile anasikia amewekelewa the whole world ajibebe

“Running away from responsibility”…who else finds this shitty statement funny??