Single mother manenos

4chan huh?


So I told him hata si mtoto wako (She is NOT your Kid) [/QUOTE]

She’s lucky the guy still sends rent after this very unfortunate statement. Huge red flag right here. It has ‘toxic’ written all over it. The only mistake the guy is committing is not running fast enough for the hills. This is a heartbreak waiting to happen.

Basss. You have figured it out. He wants to impregnate her then be remote controlling her when he is in another marriage. After all she will have been brainwashed by him to the point of being a marionette and her first kid will have gotten attached to him as his dad ensuring total control of the woman. Btw men in church can be worse than even worldly men. They feel like they are God’s gift to women.


No comment.

waluhyia wana mila zimepitwa na wakati