Single Mother Hating is a Subbie Thing, Studies Show

Then you ask yourself, what’s unique about subbies?

[li]Highest poverty levels of a subcontinent in the world[/li][li]Over fixation with big butts[/li][li]Sex idol worship[/li][li]Insulting thought processes [/li][li]Non use of condoms among whoring mates [/li][/ol]

I will never understand the hate.

There’s need for a conversation around how to explicably show how the action of subbies male species result in the same females they hate on.

How this simple cause-effect hawaoni sijui

Here are two women fighting over a Somali who is younger than you yet at 43 you are still single and no kids. The best you can do is to praise single mothers. Does it mean even with arranged marriages among the Somalis you couldn’t find a suitable spouse? Shame on you Bingwa.

most women are whores, thats the problem

Tulikuambia ukitaka miti isimame ndio uweze kuzalisha kama wanaume wenzako, acha miraa, fanya exercise and eat potassium-rich food. Hii mambo ya kupraise single mothers juu unataka ready-made kids ingekuwa imekoma.

Very true… impotent men prefer singo maths

Hiyo nugu ghaseer fake Arab ameshindwa kuzalisha ndio inataka ready-made product.

I guess somali is a flourishing paradise. it’s time we went there for benchmarking

we support Bingwa Scrotum

Amesema hio word inasaidia … bladifakin!