Single mother amesema lazima uoe mmoja wao


You don’t take fishing advice from a fish. You consult a fisherman.

Why would the lord give you a single mom as a wife why?


Ule jamaa Joseph Kwa Bible was gifted one. We ni Nani ukatae


Joseph was a simp bana

I frankly don’t understand why a man would marry a single mother in current times. It is a lose-lose situation. Think about it from both perspectives as an average man and a rich man.

Average man: He obviously doesn’t have enough resources to raise another man’s kids in addition to his own. He has to downgrade his life considerably for the sake of another man’s kid/s or his retirement plans. Its a dumb move. For example, why would you use matatus to help raise a single mother’s kids?? Money saved is more valuable than reproductive access.

Rich man: Your wealth gives you access to childless women. So, it would be foolhardy to marry a single mother if you have better choices.

Marrying a single mother is a bad idea regardless of how you look at it. I did not even account for child support risk, divorce rape risk, psychological trauma of having to deal with rude kids you didn’t sire, responsibility without authority, etc.

Why would you play another man’s saved PS game?

If you find a beautiful single mother half your age and you dont want more kids shida ni nini?:smiley: You avoid kusumbuliwa at her biological clock is ticking:D

Akuje tutombe yeye

Huyu chameleon tamalisa wewe ukiweka pete. Issa no.

No amount of shaming language or justification is going to make men opt for single mothers as life partners. Hizi tumeskia mara mingi na we ain’t falling for it.

single mom ni afadhali…hosea wa bible alipewa stupid drunk postwall chieth matapaka as a wife

You fail to account for the many desperados among us. Jamaa anagongwa na dry spell anapata singo matha who is quick to give up the goods. Kidogo kidogo anakuwa addicted na hataki kurudi dry spell, so he starts making concessions one by one…

1000s of gals turn 18 everyday.

abortttion is murder elders

Yaani anasema nikiwa na chance ya kuingia DT dobie nichomoke na Mercedes Benz ya 2022; nilenge hio na niende kukanyaga matope huko grogorn nikitafuta 100000 km mileage Nissan xtrail? Shindwa Pepo.

sasa huyu amejipakanisha makeup kama billboard ya marangi is a sign of kunguru

“A good wife comes from the Lord”…Why does that sound like manipulation?