Single mother ameamua

Talkers, confirmation is here. This single mother has decided not to suffer anymore and this is a good sign men are setting their standards. Congratulations gentleman. Lakini sio mbaya ya kutoa kutu na kuingia karura.

Nose ring =?

Single women bashing on this site itaisha.

We will not alienate a section of our population caused by ourselves.

If a single mother wronged you, and you so bitter to this day, maybe you deserved it.

Why are we judging a mother for choosing their kids over a random man?

This bashing will stop

So mnataka talkers who’ve been raised by single mothers wafeel aje? Wahame hii dunia?

Logout na umeffi yako

Even though sikatai singo mums ni wengi, there are more girls without kids than those with. Anyway, hiyo kitu ni safi, siwes mind kutafuna.

He has a point, y do dogs like you who can’t afford trust or decent CD go on impregnating gals and run from responsibility and the same fuckers join te single mother bashing crew? I know alot of decent singo mothers who can make good wives also I know men who married singo mommas and the kids wen mature helped the man to live like a king. Inshort wewe nijue sister wako ntamwanga ndani and pay 150.

Maragoli you have been simping hard of late. Kama si kupost betachieth song lyrics ni kulia lia eti singo mums namaliswa. I say, have you ever seen the hate-frenzy women enter when they encounter broke men or short men? No one is innocent here.

Kwani waarabou mko na thingo mathas

How can a singo mum make a decent wife when there is a permanent orbiter meddling in your lives?

Advocate,Jitie kidole nyuma bila kusumbua. Rule number one;Pussy should be opened to the right one only.

Forgive him, mcooshite is going through a midlife crisis. He’s fallen for some 20 something year old singomatha and suddenly grown a conscience.

Around 2009/10, I had this beautiful yellow yellow girlfriend who broke up with me in the most cruel way. They used to live in Jericho and the peasant me then 19-60(kayole), whenever I visited her, I would smash in a friends house reason being she cannot set her feet into mungiki zone. This one day after hitting and escorting me the stage she said some words loudly that I almost never recovered “KAMA UKO NA AKILI MZURI DELETE MY NUMBER & NEVER CALL ME AGAIN” I was like "l know you are joking " Before my resuming to normal senses, probox ilisimama kwa stage and the guy said babe ingia twende…no power to fight and I had watch the probox drive away disappear. Humiliation made me walk all the to kayole because all the bus stops looked the same. After 4 yrs she text and call with a different number crying ohh my baby is very sick and I don’t have money to rush her in hospital. Good me mpesa nilituma with a warning never to call or ask for any favour again. To summarize this sh*t , November 2020 some nudes Pop up in my WhatsApp and she was like buy me galaxy s10 ndio nikutumie nudes poa and goes ahead to say she doesn’t mind being my 2nd wifee. Wtf,how can I sympathize with someone like this?

It’s called a food chain Biach and single mothers have always been at the bottom since 1787…any attempt to argue with that is just lame stupid

Kama ako na mtoi, jibu ni pelekea baba yake.

Hata wewe ni mzuri ulituma mpesa for the sick baby mimi singetuma kitu

f.uck with a condom dissapear into boni

Women impregnate themselves

Mwenye aliingia Karura baada ya kupea huyu ball namkemea maisha yake yote.
Wadau kuweni considerate

Sasa wewe hutumii akili, you are assuming that all single mothers ni kunguru…let me feed your head. The Late Msando’s wife is a single mother.

Did you say you sent her money you dumb Farkhole?