Single moms please stop building men

The most shocking aspect of this situationship is that it’s the woman’s mother who is supporting the two to the point of taking the man to school and paying bribes for him to get a job. Sijui hii wimbo tutaimba hadi lini.No paying bills in a house where kuna mwanaume mzima na makende yote mbili. No building a man by paying fees for him, getting loan even from your own parents to start a business for a man. When you are pg he does not help you carry the pregnancy, when you breastfeed and raise his kids he doesn’t help so why do women help men financially? Hio ni kirimino. Na matunda ndio haya. No man can respect a woman who is doing everything for him as if yeye ni mtoto wake. Stop being stupid ladies. Hata uwe billionaire no man unrelated to you should get a coin from you. Volume iko Sawa ama niongezee?

I met a man nikiwa na ball four months he accepted me but he was poor as in hakukua amejikimu kimaisha ,my step dad alikua ananiharas sana and give me all sort of abuses because nilipatia mimba home and my plan ilikua nisizalie home that resulted to settling down woth this guy since my mum anadoo mum alitusupport from scratch mum akafurnidh nyumba and tukaamza kuishi pamoja after i gave birth last year march i came to realize my husband was in a eight months relationship ma dem mwengine i confronted her and they btoke up by bad luck fp ikafail and i got pregnant last November i got pg remember my mum amamsomesha he doesn’t bring supper always anaenda kwao though mm huenda huko na hakuna kitu suspicious my mum alimnunulia job so from niwe four months no sex and nikiwa na my first pregnancy i happened to tell a friend of mine mine mtoi si wake and my mum anamfanyia all this she went akasambaza i usually tell my mum my issues but this man hataki now its four months bila sex amanijibu rude and anasema tutaishi venye unataka what should I do i am confused

The mum is probably fucking this dude, go figger.