Single Men: Can You Hire A Naked Cleaning Lady?

“One time a guy put porn on his TV and I had to say no. The people who are slightly creepier tend to have perfectly clean houses so it’s kind of an indicator.”

“I’ve cleaned for some younger guys who seem more sociable, they’re out and about and just have disposable income and want to try something different.”

“Another guy I’ve worked with [for the whole six years] is a nudist, so to him, it’s right up his street.”

“He’s already naked when I get in, we have a coffee and I play with his dog and then get to work.”

“The clients will get naked as well – a few of them are quite nervous at first and keep their clothes on until they’re confident enough to take them off.”

“My friends and family know what I do, but I think they wonder why I do it. They think all these men are weird and creepy but in general, they’re nice people.”

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Umechoka ku troll? It’s my turn now. I’ll wipe the village with your mother’s clothes and soiled panties. Nitakupaka iyo mevi Iko Kwa ngotha yake.

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Ushawai nunua kiatu kama umelewa kwa traffic jam ukiamka asubuhi unajiuliza wtf? Thats how he’s feeling now:Dgoing by his comment.
Plus people marry for different reasons including money

Ndio nimemalisa kubomoa ndiasa ya madhako saisai tu

Cleaner wa Enigma mdigo pale Mtwapa alikua anajua akimaliza kuosha nyumba anajisafisha kwa bathroom halafu ana chora saba kwa sofa bila kuambiwa

Pretentious lubbish.The naked bit is a hint to get you to give her a cleaning job–sex sells. Let’s cut the pretence, so as to stop citing some cultural liberation bs. If you shed your clothes in another person’s presence you want more than just to clean a house. Why don’t people work in American offices naked, or at any other private space, if it doesn’t matter? It’s nothing but a spiced and hidden form of prostitution. She probably sets those rules just to avoid involvement with characters she deems disgusting when in their houses, otherwise why clean naked?