single ladies with kids

Unless you have evidence to the same, I take that as single mothers’ smear campaign on their competitors.


Now men are stingy and i am to raise up a bastard i dont know where it came from?


He is on ktalk. Even he doesn’t know yet. Unless anasoma hii post.

Sema ni wewe hu hu …mauchungu kila saa na kiuks

Na uendelee hivyo hivyo ukifanto ati madem single wameabbort. Akuna mtu alikulazimu upanue miguu, uzae alafu uwe single mother @Purr_27

Pole you chose n loved a wicked woman…wacha stereotyping

No, you miss understood me sir! I’m pointing out a major key alert to individuals who feel paying dowry is outdated and downright stupid! [SIZE=1]Because they are fucking stingy [/SIZE]

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They say that would be akin to continuing playing someone else’s saved game.
Not my words though.


suggetsion, bring her here we marry her for you, is that what you wanted?

That is fire to be basked from far! For me that is.

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a chic whose been whoring herself with 47 men and has no kid(s) looks more appealing than a virgin who had sex that one time behind the bush while in form 2 and got a kid


Boss unaoa leo na kesho unalipa school fees ! Smh.

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suprisingly a big number of prostitutes are single mothers


Ndugu? Sikiza huyu mzee kwa umakinifu sana

Ukibonga na +75% ya makuro wa SJ, Kericho East, Rico, Simmers(hii @FieldMarshal CouchP atutolee ushahidi)…etc. Wengi ni single mothers.


Pewa mbili kwa bill yangu,you have spoken like 10 wise men,I wish wanaume wange weza kufunguka macho,nowdays women have become evil,huyu jamaa anaweza fikiria ni mapenzi kumbe ni kupangwa anapangwa.


I agree on that,as a parent i do pray that my wife and i will pass this exam

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just have a longer courtship. Then follow your heart.

Wrong forum mujamaa

my theory used to be that single mothers never get married but reality has proven otherwise… if u’re an upcoming guy it’s very hard trying to ‘box’ a fresh girl… these girls are very frustrating to a guy with no money… ukimpigia unaskia amepelekwa coast na sonko flani mara sijui ako masaku sevens… akikuja kwako hataki kupika juu ataharibu kucha… but the single mothers will offer no resistance at all… they are very eager to please… without realising it u’ll find urself calling her everyday to take care of ur needs to the point that u feel incomplete/helpless without her… that’s where the mousetrap snaps na unapatikana… same goes to the plain looking girls… we may never post their pics here on titty tuesdays coz they aren’t hot enough but they’re ones getting the ring on the finger…

it’s amazing how organisms adapt to whatever environment they’re exposed to