single ladies with kids

Once it comes to marrying single mothers, you’re forgetting a very profound reality: you’ll be expected to be very careful when dealing with the kid. Punish the brat and the woman will go mad, claiming you’re being unfair because you never sired him.
Why can’t this young man experience some soberness before true parenthood kicks in? Dont you think it’s quite unfair to have a wedding on Saturday and on Monday, you’re thrown into school fees matters for kids that you never brought to this world?
He can get those qualities from literally thousands of other women who have no kids. Hii mambo ya soulmate, ‘love’ blah blah is the once causing lots of emotional storms to many young men and women.


They can make the same single mistake again with the original daddy, or your daddy

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Umesahau kongeza that when you marry a BOGOF (buy one get one free) in many african culture then you get the woman for free no dowry is asked for. So if you like or love her then go ahead and marry.

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I have always wished I was a single father.


Web Dev you were once a Kid. And I can assure you there was someone who liked you. Hata kama hukujua ama hakukuonyesha

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Matters of expenses on the kid are a personal choice,i.e if he sees no big deal and fully acvepts them hapo sioni about the discipling of the kid,as much as that can be a challenge am sure there is a way of working out.there are millions of men who have great marriages with single mothers.
This issue is not about morals or personal character of the woman,it all boils down to the guys personal jamaa ajiiete mkutano aangalie kaa ataezana.

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chukua slices zako uende mblo…

Umefanya nicheke kama mtu amepasukiwa mandom!

Listen to this man @papabingy Listen!!

I had the experience of seeing an in disciplined kid misbehave in school then tell us even if we call the dad there is nothing he can do coz he aint the real dad

Kwani kiuk culture inasema nini about single mothers? Form 2 she was still young and naive huezi mblame sana

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kwa hivyo tublame wale hawakugawa wakiwa Form 2?

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All that you’re saying is perfectly right BUT considering what women have become, this is not the era of giving people benefits of doubt or taking leaps of faith or treating women like ‘innocent angels’. I’ve observed many families where women got married with kid(s) and in as much as the parents try to make the now mature children to be ‘one’ there is always that subtle rift between kids that were sired in that family and those that came with their mothers.
The bottom line is: this lady is not in love with this dude; she is simply looking for a father figure to her kid after realising that no matter how much she tries, she can never act the father to her kid. She thus has to act angelic. If i were a single mom looking for a father figure to my kid, i would also look like an angel to a potential suitor. Any Delilah looking for a father figure to the kid will obviously look better than Virgin Mary. Remember the Kenyan society is frighteningly hurtling itself to a social abyss. Will that kid, after s/he is of age and realising the guy is not the real father, continue respecting him as a true dad? Where do you see our morals in 20 years after this kid is mature?
Logic indicates that since this lady got pregnant in F2, she must have undergone immense mental storms and consequently, she has very particular, negative perceptions of men. Evidently, she cannot reveal her true feelings at this stage. Is this guy ready to live with such a person?
I am not being pessimistic but these are not the days you’ll comfortably rear strange blood in your boma. Nowadays, playing Mr White-Knight-Saving-Damsel-In-Distress is left to the naive and the uninitiated. Women have become egoistical, thankless creatures. Perhaps the dude has no experience with the kind of scheming and machinations that women can pull off. Remember this woman is focused on the future of the kid; the dude is only being ‘loved’ in order to play a supporting role.


That she if she is a BOGOF you get her for free

Oh,really! Haya! Calling on all stingy men!!

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Told like it is man…watch out!


never follow your heart

So we can love n b wifed by single dads …bt single mums are a No No.??? is your life ,go for it

A lot of childless singles you may see have aborted ennough babies


Kuna beste yangu alioa na hakuitishwa mahari. Sisi tfisi tukadhania fisi mwenzetu aliangukia. It is only today I have come to know why… thanks to @mtu chuma sitasahau hili jina BOGOF!

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tupe hekaya yote what happened