single ladies with kids

So I have dated a lot of single ladies but havent quite found a match for my way of life.
Last year I met this single lady with a kid she got while in form 2(the kid is in std 1). Men, these are the best qualities I’ve ever seen in a lady since I started dating in 2007 and am Am seriously considering marrying her n settling down with her permanently. Any suggestions… Matusi pia is welcomed


So what suggestions do you want?


Suggestion ya matusi

why did i click on this haki?


If that’s where your heart is, go ahead.

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I suggest you come clear what suggestions we are to suggest.

Kama mumependana ni nini tena wataka?


Follow your heart sir, but lemme give you a hint about single mothers, they can make great wives.


Be realistic to yourself,see the picture 5 years from now. Make a sober decision,not influenced by “love or sex”.


Er… for a moment I thought you said having a kid in form two is the best trait a lady can have. Anyways, cheers to you.

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Marry your hand mseh…thank me later


Google this book ANATOMY OF FEMALE POWER …AFP … come thank mi later…

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kitu imezaa sperm ya mwanamume mwingine wachana nayo kapsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

dont even thank me later



Kama Mapenzi Iko Bingi go for it. U never know maybee utatafuta mjunior akosekane. Maybeee and I mean Maybee usi ni misunderstand please

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Single mother are a great lay uti do not know about being wife material.

kama we ni mkiuk dont marry her but kama we ni wa kwingine you can marry depending with your culture. may be that kid is the next messi ama serena williams

Of course a lady with a kid knows her marriageability chances are low so she has to front her ‘best’ qualities. Of course this lasts until you put a ring in her finger. Personally, when i want to win a big client in business, i also front the ‘best’ qualities of the company. Once the client is won, it’s a different and realistic game altogether. Well, you can go ahead and marry her if you don’t mind the occasional shadows of the kid’s real father(and probably a serious f*ck behind your back). I also hope the kid is a boy otherwise if a girl, expect that once she comes of age, you’ll be properly monitored by your wife lest the ‘devil’ tricks you into doing some silly stuff with the girl.
Finally, no one is your soulmate in this world. Even if you move to Ghana you will still find a lady with the ‘best qualities’ like the one currently making your head go round with ‘love’.
…and also ask yourself this: if she had no kid and, consequently, her ‘value’ high, would she give you that chance? Would she have allowed you to impregnate her when she was in form 2 and ‘hot’? Anyway, if you’re feeling sufficiently ‘superman’ and ready to carry other men’s burdens, good with you: marry her and live happily ever after.
PS: Dont listen to those telling you to follow your heart. Many people who have followed their hearts in matters ‘love’ have slept at langata cemetery before their time and others are living despicable lives. Follow common sense and your rational part of your brain. Matters ‘heart’ are for teenagers.


Being a single mother doesnt mean a woman is a hoe.some single mothers gat better morals than these chiqs you see around.provided you get all the qualities you look for in a partner and you are able to look past the single mother nonsense then you are cool.
hii kupotoshwa ati ogopa single matha wote ni ujinga.wengine just made a single mistake when young tu.


My bro up there take your chances though I don’t like kids.