Single at age 35 and you still ask guys "where did you get my number"?

One word for these kind of ladies.


what’s it with you guys lifting pics from the internet the slapping to themsome stupid captions? Is this a beta male standard these days?


Yet another case of false advertisement. Vile tu VE Kirwa amefanya na ile story ya DG akaeka ngazi. There should be a place we can sue these charlatans.

U can’t see me


Cool kids for you

Kuna huyu pia, 40 hrs n single


Video clip ndio hii hapa.


Thats atwoli entering his prey in room 254 :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: Mzansi fo sho. Hii ni dry fry straight away.

Hehe. Nice try. :wink:

Kuna mmoja wa 36 nilikua na tomba hadi mkia na bado alikua anadai nimfungulie hadi mlango ya gari akitoka.

ass 8/10. face 5/10