singer’s sanitary towel falls out during concert

I like her courage. Its something that we as ladies always live with and also our worst nightmares during those days.

Disagree! And wish it was one Vera Sidi-something who dropped it!

Since we like copying so much you might see one of our so called celebrities dropping it on purpose :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:!

Huyo am sure can go commando duribg that time! her labia can hold the pad kama mkono imeshika hanky!




At 42 she should know better or she just wanted attention juu pia sisi wakenya tumemjua sasa

Hahaha…leally? Unless yeye ni mtaro…not possible.

Please tell us more…

Hahaha hata kama yeye ni mtaro. Hiyo kitu iki absorb huwa inafura so haiwes anguka. Sips my Stoney before someone calls me disgusting**

But that’s a liner and it’s not stained. Can you imagine, just before my audition I blow one of the judges backstage, then he fistfucks me good…can’t hold

inafura kama … mandazi ama stoney imefunguliwa?

@vuja ndethe leo nimeandaa sushi njoo tule kisha baadaye nikufungue boot.

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Wings ni za kufly huko.

Hav u eva bin fistfucked…ghaifafa

Sasa ikifura itatoka aje…

Claw hammer!