Singapore will pay bonus to all its citizens aged 21 and above after 2017 budget showed the country had almost $10 billion surplus.

I hate singapore


kwani the country is ran like a business where citizens are share holders?

@Afro u are a kenyan shareholder …ama tukufanye kama miguna

sisi ni tunacheza na deficit tu

Ni polepole tutafika tu. Point to note Singapore was led by a BENEVOLENT DICTATOR!
So watu wa Nasa this is a tricky one to congratulate.

hawa ndio wenye nchi.

Singapore must be a very well run country. I bet they don’t neighbour countries as lazy and jealous and moody as Tanzania and as violent and destructive as Somalia and South Sudan. Only Ethiopia and Uganda are neighbours that can be described as worthy

Sometimes it’s people who see wrong in every single right that bring country down… And they never agree after agreement.

Si juzi tu tuliona Germany walikuwa wanalipwa kutumia excess electricity (I hope kuna crypto miners wali-take advantage).

Singapore didn’t practice this democracy for dummies that we have, am sure also their constitution is not world class, like have heard some half wit describe ours.

Democracy is shit in developing nations.

In an interview their PM once told a BBC journalist, “Nobody has the monopoly of virtue or wisdom” after the journalist tried to corner him on freedom of media and speech.

In other news, Joseph Kabila’s convoy involved in a fatal road accident. Kwani hawa watu huwa wanahepa nani hawawezi slow down wakiona barabara zina watu?
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Ethiopia? I doubt it. It is a closed economy with a 19th century political system.

Did the fucker survive? He is a sorry excuse of a leader.

Mzito Lee laid a strong foundation

That was then and it is unworkable now that we’ve tasted noise making aka democracy.

That guys is a solid piece of SHIET

Tano tena and tibiiim