Singapore Sevens


Kenya vs Russia 5.22am

Kenya vs Scotland 8.14am

Kenya vs South Africa 12.04pm.

All the best boys.

Kenya v Russia twice?

Sorry Sir, South Africa, thanks.

Unapenda rudgde kweli mundu

That is the only game I played, back then my team Bungoma High School ilikuwa moto ya kuotea mbali. Besides that, Kenya is currently ranked number 8 in the IRB sevens.

FT Kenya 21-7 Russia.

Kenya vs Scotland 8.43am.


Any streaming link available?

Let’s see if they break their current trend today of winning their opening game and losing the subsequent ones.



Kenya 12-12 Scotland, some stupid mistake by Oscar Ayodi cost us that game, Kenya vs RSA at 12.04pm. We have to win this one.

boys are doing great.
this game is interesting to play and watch

Kenya 0-14 South Afriça, boys are through to the Main cup quarter finals.

FT Kenya 28-7 France, boys are through to the main cup semis. Let me tunapewa tinu gani.

We are playing Argentina in the main cup Semis at 11.48am. Ndio Naingia kwa nyumba kutoka job lakini nalala 2 hrs and I will be up to watch that game. Na nyinyi wengine wote, please watch that game, you will appreciate our boys. They are doing great.

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They have an opportunity to reach the finals shida ni they do not seem to have a strategy to beat SA or Fiji,otherwise I would bet on Kenya winning the main cup.

FT Kenya 15-12 Agentina, boys are in the main cup Finals.


[ATTACH=full]37363[/ATTACH]they had to drive the point home, hope kenya will beat sa or fiji


Ft Kenya 30-7 Fiji,

Finally guys have done it, and in style.


Oh yesssssss