Sincere advise for a young Village Elder

The only take away from MGTOW is that a man should never love. Otherwise personally I can’t see myself hitting 30 with no kid and no wife. Ata already niona potentials mbili nikifika 28 apo two kids should be around.

And by the way, I hit 24 five months ago.

for some strange reason I actually agree with you on this; i definitely think I’d have been more succesful if I was married

fuck as much as you can my friend.

Not everyone has that luxury, the kind of backgrounds some of us come from has made us assume parental responsibilities for our siblings

Thats some encouragement apo, if you started with a mere $80 and can now enjoy the finer things in life you played YOUR game smart… Kudos to that. Yes, 2 weeks ago nlienda for 3 days partying straight- with all the boys just trying to rack up their body count with mediocre girls- something just didnt feel right for me. Kuangalia mpesa messages its just sent money to who and who, not a single message kusema nimereceive. Audi is my goal wallahi, i dont know how you know but for sure you appreciate good cars!

Kijana make merry saidia wazazi wako. Kunguru tomba like there is no tomorrow. Utasave ukifikiria umepata dem kumbe ni kisirani umejiletea.

Yeah hii MGTOW i take it with a grain of salt, there’s much to learn but one has to know themselves. I tend to find most staunch believers in it are bitter about something.

slowly i am deciding the right woman is a better decision

There is nothing like right woman any woman who knows you can provide for her lifestyle without straining. Will act like a better woman.
Ukitaka kujua mkeo filisika ndio utamjua.


Kwani weh umekuwa 24 for how many years…kiptpyot apana danganya sisi

I agree. There is no one answer I guess

Yes!! Some of us were forced create generational wealth coz we have nowhere to inherit from. Heck some of us even paid for our own college fees.

For as long as I want. Kosengeng. Am not a female no need to hide my age. Just find any thread from last year I was purporting to be younger or older.

I am a bit older than you so I can offer some advice:

  • Dont enter into serious relationships when you are in your 20s. It will end in tears as usual and you’ll be wasting a lot of time. If you must have a girlfriend, have 3 or 4. Dont think about marriage in your 20s.
  • Dont take women seriously. I am not MGTOW but I propose you go full red pilled. Women are dream killers. Focus on one and you’ll find yourself starting to struggle in other areas of life. I may seem like I am talking a lot about women but it’s very critical in your 20s. How you handle women in your 20s will set your life up for the rest of your life. Do not be the guy who spends his entire 30s paying child support. Wrap it up. What good does it do to have money but it all goes to women and children? Enjoy your money. Do things that please you.
  • Do not give up. You are doing well right now but hard times will come. Do not give up. Men age like fine wine as long as you are working on yourself. Do not settle for an average woman in your early 20s because you think thats the best you will ever get. Trust me on this one, as you age, the better your options. Women will see your potential and try to lock you down as quickly as possible. Dont be manipulated into doing it. They know they are on their way to the wall and would like to secure you before they do. Dont fall for it.
  • Do not become addicted to drugs and this includes alcohol. You dont want to be battling an addiction in your 30s.
  • Do not become obese, stay in shape. It’s much easier in your early 20s.

-Personally i think if you can handle women and drugs, and you stay on your purpose, the money and peace of mind will come.

Kwa hivyo peasant your biggest accomplishment ni tv ya 180k na dreams za audi A3. Going forward usikuwe unaniquote chokosh.

i havent read all that shit, but why be an idiot?

I think you are the idiot for responding before reading.

Oh yeah. Thats certainly a very huge accomplishment. And just so you know I dont own no Audi. But guess what, never did I have to sit in a pub to wait for Niggas tp show up and buy me pilsner, and after proceed to split my button cheeks. We are very dofferent my guy, soo different. miles apart.

Wise words, i have noted this down. I do look at some of the highschool girls and they really looked washed up at my age already, i really cannot wait for my 30 foreal! I need to read up on this red pill