Since Raila won’t participate in the ensuing rerun election, will Martha Karua be allowed to run with Kalonzo

Raila can claim he is mentally incapable of leading the nation. Will Karua be allowed to pick Kalonzo as running mate?

Raila has said he can’t run with Chebukati. Chebukati can only be fired by Parliament. And he is accorded due process. Which means there’s no time, to take him out using proceedings, vet another IEBC head, dump him into office and hopes he leads a credible election after understanding the system. It’s not feasible within 60 days.

Kwani huyu BABA ana kuanga gen Z??

Ana sumbua kama last born…

Stop wishing, Assmio bungled up the process.

Wewe unajua Kenya wewe?

Mondays verdict will be close to what the BBC concluded here.

  1. First of all, no such law exists and so it won’t be legal
  2. Why would Kalonzo give in to Karua
  3. Why would Luo wake up to vote Martha?
  4. Why would the rest wake up to vote another Kikuyu?
  1. First of all, no such law exists and so it won’t be legal
    [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]So who would run? Martha by herself? Because you can’t force a man onto the ballot if Raila opts out.
  2. Why would Kalonzo give in to Karua
    [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Kalonzo doesn’t have a job at the moment.

They should switch Kalonzo with RAO.
Ikiwa hivyo JSKS atakimbizwa

They don’t need Raila’s permission to put his name on the ballot. If he loses, who cares? Can he win if he says he doesn’t want to run?

If he doesn’t want, he will write to the IEBC and withdraw from the race. That will leave Mahiga, Wajakoya and Ruto. Mwahiga may also withdraw leaving Ruto and Wajakoya

Railas claim is that 50+1 threshold wasn’t attained. That requires a runoff between the top two. Wajackoyah and Mwahiga are not top two? So could Azimio still field Martha? Also same question would arise from a rerun because isn’t that a deputy’s role- to take over in event of the primary’s inability.

Your first sentence is where everything falls apart… No way Rao would ever say that

Karua Melon then Tinga declares Karua Tosha. Ruto still shafts them.

How will Raila communicate to IEBC? Please help me understand. If Raila withdraws, there won’t be an election. Ruto will be president unopposed

Ojinga says whatever his omena thinks and we blame his advisors…:D:D

Raila is actually sponsored by his party. Remember there’s a nomination process. So his party can communicate. Supreme Court will either have declared a nullification or runoff. In which case there was no winner. Therefore election has to be rerun. You can’t win if you stole the election or didn’t get 50+1%.

The obvious loser appeals knowing he lost…

never end perpetuate kimeibiwo…no facts…no law… importantly

just vayolence pending by the lead counsel…Oregoon thug…who should be disbarred via criminal actions…by self…camera…Aug 15

Accept and move on, secondly even if possible Rarua must run else Ruchagua wins.

Accept what? And you never know.

Stop showcasing ignorance buana.

In case of a nullification and a call for a rerun, and subsequent withdrawal of Raila from the race before the actual election, Ruto will be president unopposed.

Yes they can run but towards thika road.