Ok, sijui kama mnahitaji evidence but if you guys u need it, ziko kwa wingi.
A friend of mine told me anyone ako TAGGED AMA tinder issa whore,
to verify the info i joined. so hapo tagged kuna so beautiful ladies most of them wanakaa watu wakanisa , i tried a bunch of them and hata we dont text more that 2 lines washataja bei yao, like everyone has a price tag.
whats surprised me ni vile some are married wengine wako job already but whoring is side hustle.
there those told me on sato ako job mayb sunday and others say hezi patikana past 6pm …lot of whoring

since then every lady i meet kwa street naona akikaa muuzaji wa tagged. even my work colleagues wenye niliwa na crushia naona wakikaa whores

Kama uwezani na bei leta contacts tusafishe rungu

Kuna landwhale inacharge 4k per hour bila ata aibu. Kwani aliskia umeiba pesa za county?

Why are you shocked.A lot of women in Nairobi are either full time whores or semi whores.Semi-whores are in Uni,offices,clubs,etc and most women will sleep around with a rich guy even without labels.That is how nature designed it to be so you will have to play the game

Tagged is a whore house. Hapo ata 1k unaeza kula senyeste the whole night.

Vile @Genya amesema hapo juu. Peana contacts kama hufiki bei


wee 1st thing i will always do ni kuchek fon ya dem kama iko na either of this app, …i cant risk treating lanye like a queen , unapeleka lanye date for what

It’s fucked up man, this deregulated sexual marketplace. But the tagged sellers are just needy and broke bitches. You can tell by the background in some of their pics. This is why i tell young kings waende wakatie madame wako na kakitu. That way, you will never have to pay for pussy directly or indirectly. But here is the catch, for you to katia chics with money you should have your own money as well and have your shit together as a man. You got to look the part.

Tagged ni free ingia ujiitishie no, me was abit choosy, naangalia wale wanakaa serious with life


I once ate one from Tinder for free. As in nilimpeleka coffee tu and in two days time I was grinding under her sheets. Happens she has fallen for me… Of course I disappeared faster than I had appeared. Created another account and HELL, she was recommended as a potential…

KINDLY share with us pic yake, am sure anakaa ngamia , how cheap was that :D:D:D:D:D:D

Someone is telling women that sexual freedom is the way to go. I dont think it is going to work for them. I dont think so.

2k pa shot, heri ni nunue kasawaki nigurumishe


it will make them ratchets , machokoraa to

You can bet hakai ngamia.

Niko na number ya huyu

Tagged ni place mzuri ya sampling me I have fuckes 5

This wisdom was bestowed on @Nyamgondho about a decade ago. I can’t say I hate women but mimi siko kwa “nani amekula hii” brigade. Poosie is overrated.