Since hizi stats za how young girls 16-24 wamebeba Ukedi....

Since hizi stats za how young girls 16-24 wamebeba Ukedi zianze kua talked about on both print and electronic media including social platforms … I have decided to stay away and chill.

As Andrew Kibe likes to say, weka hio deki kwa meza na uigonge mangumi hadi iwache muhahe/ufala, ndio imekua remedy.

These young girls are all quick for raw sex, all of them especially those in college na madame wa mtaa. Lanye actually ata hua ana insist rubber but hawa wengine ni raw tuu.

2023 ni kula na macho tuu. Most young ladies wanakuomba kafavor unamruahia thao ama punch kwa Mpesa thinking you’ve just done a good deed and forget about it, next time unampata yeye ndio anakutafuta akupee manyake even coming through without carrying their own rubber.

Ni kunoma Majamaa!!

Mimba huogopwa kuliko ukedi in some circles…

… Very true and that’s the sad part of all this. Very careless and living for the moment.

That’s fear by old tired hard meated nyama ngumu kama ya ngamia feminazis ndio tuwafuate after wamekosa mabwana. Common sense and probability dictate that those old cows have more aids than the youngins

… You have reasoned upside down… Slow down.

wengi wao ni wenye walizaliwa nayo

Why would you want to do a 16 yr old

… Who has talked about doing a 16yr old? The stats just mentioned that’s the bracket.

Sawa sawa:rolleyes:

They are so sweet yet so risky, I had like 5 under 25 nawakula in rotation but super gonnorhea imenifunga brakes!

Kubafu hii juuu kimwi ilianza juzi. Most 16- 18 year olds in Kenya have not had sex since they’re usually in highschool . It’s a fantasy to believe that highschool girls are going on wild sex romps during their holiday breaks. It’s a fantasy and a delusion. Many of them have sexthe first time after KCSE or in university with boys their age who have also never had sex they will often have one sex partner for at least 2-5 years no matter the exaggerated wild sex stories you hear about campus girls. It’s a fuckin sick mind that would come up with such a lie about them having hiv all over

One month into 2023 nimekula wanne already.

… You must be a very “fun” guy kuu chapa story naye kwa base ya mtaa… Ebu nikuulize, what came first, the egg or the chicken?

… As long you were wrapped, haina ngori mkuu.

Dry fry is the order.

Inakaa unaishi uzunguni, rudi Kenya kaka ujionee kwa mecho.

HIV infections follow the Kaplan-Meier distribution, which, going by “intelligence” is kot the case. So, you are just engaging in sensationalism

Lol, maybe the AIDS thing is exaggerated but you’re incredibly naive if you think high school girls aren’t getting fucked.
Si kila mtu alikuwa late bloomer kama wewe.

Teenage hormones and stupidity paired with the typical “avoid sex talk with your kids by any means necessary” parenting by Kenyans is a hell of a mix. [ATTACH=full]492473[/ATTACH]

That’s not true. You do know those are bullshit numbers right. They came out recently on the coincidence of bill Gates visit to Kenya ndio atoboke pesa. You must be retarded to believe that there are millions of girls falling pregnant mysteriously all over Kenya . Does that compute with what your own eyes tell you? Just visit any hospital maternity in Kenya auutembee mtaa yoyote kwenu. Tell me how many boobless teenagers you will see with big bellies au wakinyonyesha

Nice baseless conspiracy theory. Now explain away these numbers from 3 decades ago. Bill Gates also visited in 1990?
You think teenagers are having less sex now?

Some aspects of teenage pregnancy in Nairobi: a prospective study on teenage mothers at Kenyatta National Hospital and Pumwani Maternity Hospital - PubMed

You’re dismissing statistics and your own methodology is “tembea mtaa wowote kwenu”?
Anyway, if personal anecdotes is the proof you need, we had more than 10 pregnancies in my high school class between form 3 and 4.